Below Deck

Below Deck
  • Captain Lee Rosbach
    Captain Lee Rosbach
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    Captain Harold Lee Rosbach has spent more than 20 years in the yachting industry. Born and raised in landlocked Saginaw, Michigan, he discovered his untapped love for the water later in life when he was managing a restaurant in Turks & Caicos and an acquaintance invited him to serve as a mate on a sailboat delivery to earn extra cash. At the age of 35, Lee obtained his Captain’s license and left the restaurant business behind to pursue his newfound passion. Some of the mega yachts that have since been under Captain Lee’s command include 163’ Cuor di Leone, 162’ Mustang Sally, 155’ Ohana, 140’ Just Enough, 135’ Atlantica, 135’ Feadship Sea Ghost. 120' Sovereign, Pauly D, Insatiable, Morganstar and Mostro. Next on the horizon for Captain Lee is his upcoming memoir “Running Against the Tide” that will be available in Winter 2018. Close
  • Kate Chastain
    Kate Chastain
    Chief Stewardess
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    Florida native Kate Chastain began her yachting career in 2007. Initially, she only planned on taking a “gap year” after college graduation to work on boats, however once she started as a third stewardess on her first yacht, she immediately fell in love with the exotic and exciting industry and never looked back. While travelling throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central America, and New England, Kate worked her way up the onboard ranks until finally reaching the position of Chief Stewardess. Best known for planning and executing lavish theme parties, Kate has entertained royalty, celebrities, and business tycoons around the world.

    After a few years of international adventures and glamorous guests, Kate began to compile her stories from the sea hoping to one day share them with the world. In 2016, those stories were published in her book, Lucky Charming, which quickly became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the Humor Category. Now, after a decade spent globetrotting with the rich and famous, conquering the yachting world, and even writing a book about it, Kate is starting to focus on building a more domestic life on land. In 2017, she opened up Genesis Boutique, a non-profit upscale resale store where all proceeds go to Genesis House, Inc. Based in Melbourne, Florida, Genesis House has been providing emergency and transitional housing to homeless women and children for over 40 years. Running the Genesis Boutique with the help of a great team of volunteers keeps Kate quite busy during the off season but fortunately, still gives her the freedom to take a freelance yachting job whenever the urge for adventure strikes.

  • Simone Machile
    Simone Machile
    Second Stewardess
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    Coming from a highly academic family, Simone spent most of her childhood focusing on her schoolwork while still balancing her free-spirited and adventure loving personality. Growing up in a time of political strife in apartheid South Africa, Simone’s mother encouraged her to channel her energy into school; and she received academic scholarships for high school and college. After graduating with a degree in mathematics, she entered the job force and modeled on the side. Simone grew tired of the mundane office life, and with the influence of a friend in yachting, she left South Africa for the first time to make her travelling dream a reality. She has since worked as a stewardess and sous chef in some of the most illustrious locations in the French Riviera, with clients ranging from fashion designers to football players. When she’s not on charter, you can find this fun-loving stew on the dancefloor, and incorporating her motto, “I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul,” into every aspect of her life. Close
  • Courtney Skippon
    Courtney Skippon
    Third Stewardess
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    Growing up on the west coast of Canada, Courtney has spent most of her life on or in the water. When she found herself unable to find a career path that excited her at home, she left for Europe to attend business school in France. After a year of living her best Parisian life, she was in need of work to supplement her lifestyle. Luckily, A friend was looking for a second stewardess on the charter yacht she worked on, and the rest is history. Two girls attending to 12+ guests for 6 course lunches and extravagant evenings, turned into a do-it-all crash course in stewardessing. When the season ended, so did her stint at business school and she followed her heart into a yachting career. When she’s not working, you can find her lounging on the beach, and experiencing everything a new city has to offer. Close
  • Ashton Pienaar
    Ashton Pienaar
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    Ashton found his way into the yachting world after spending seven years working a desk job and having a “routine” lifestyle in Johannesburg, South Africa. When he could no longer ignore his passion for adventure, he quit his job and signed up for yacht training in Cape Town, South Africa. Excited by the potential to become a career yachtie, Ashton travelled to the South of France in search of work, and landed his first job on a private yacht for an Arctic expedition. After his near-death experience on last season of “Below Deck” Ashton perused his Master of Yachts 200GT license allowing him to work as a mate instead of just a deckhand. This year he joined a crew based out of Croatia and is currently First Mate/Co-Captain on a yacht based in Florida. Ashton embraces security in the unknown and has been fortunate to learn something new about himself with every experience. No matter where his adventures take him he will have a great story to tell! Close
  • Brian De Saint Per
    Brian De Saint Per
    Lead Deckhand
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    Brian grew up in Bluff, South Africa and never imagined having an opportunity to leave his rough hometown. Living in a coastal town, he developed a love for the water early on, surfing, swimming, and playing water polo. After years of dreaming of exploring the world and learning about new cultures, Brian finally took the plunge into yachting four years ago. A natural fit for the yachting industry, Brian has been working aboard yachts in the Mediterranean, and is working towards becoming certified to become a First Mate/Officer on future charters. He loves the learning curve of a new crew, and facing challenges head on while exploring beautiful locations. At home, he has a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Micah, that is the light in his life and his main motivation for working so hard. Brian lives life to the fullest, loves working in the yachting industry, and follows his life motto “Vita est Brevis.” Close
  • Abbi Murphy
    Abbi Murphy
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    Abbi grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and despite living right by the ocean, she was never interested in boating. She moved to Boston for college and had ambitions to become a lawyer. After putting herself through college as an independent student, and simultaneously working for the Governor of Massachusetts; she graduated with a perfect GPA, full scholarship to law school, and a job at a Boston law firm.

    As a celebration for her success, Abbi went on a Greek sailing vacation that completely changed her perspective on life and working. She quit her job and dedicated the next year to learning to sail. Since then, she has been living in in Greece, and continues to work as a first mate on an Atlantic 61’ with the same company that opened her eyes to sailing.

  • Tanner Sterback
    Tanner Sterback
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    Tanner has always had a passion for travel, and appreciation for learning about other cultures. Growing up as the free spirited, athletic, youngest of four in his hometown of Sayville, Long Island, Tanner was always drawn to the water. After graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh he moved to California to live the carefree, surfer lifestyle. After working as a lifeguard at the Coppola Winery, he decided to trade the surf and sand for charter yachts to make a more stable career for himself, that still allowed him to travel and explore. After taking certification classes in Ft Lauderdale, Tanner was quickly hired as a deckhand on private yachts sailing along the east coast and the Caribbean. During a year off from yachting, he travelled across the US in a van with his dog Tito. Always up for an adventure, he’s looking forward to his upcoming charters that will take him around the world. Close
  • Kevin Dobson
    Kevin Dobson
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    Some of Kevin’s earliest memories are in the kitchen with his parents at their house outside Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. At 12 years old, he started working in a local bakery to learn more about the industry. Never a fan of traditional schooling, Kevin enrolled in culinary school at age 14 and quickly excelled. With his strong work ethic and perseverance, Kevin moved up the ranks of the culinary world and left New Zealand for larger markets in Australia and the US. After the birth of his daughter, he realized he needed to provide for more than just himself, and took to yachting after learning about the lifestyle and payouts. A passionate chef in the kitchen, Kevin has worked on some of the largest boats out of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Currently based in Melbourne, Kevin flies home every chance he can to spend time with his daughter. Close