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This is How You Can Use ChatGPT to Make Your Job Easier

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To some, OpenAI‘s chatbot technology is a dystopian sign of robots taking over human jobs, and to others, it’s the solution to help automate mundane task work. Regardless of how you’re currently feeling about this emerging technology, there’s no denying that it’s making a big impact on the workforce today.

If you’re looking to take advantage of chatbot technology to make your work more efficient, here are 10 ways that ChatGPT can help you work smarter.

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Conduct research using ChatGPT

From UX researchers to policy analysts and journalists, there are so many careers that have research at their core. ChatGPT can be a starting point for gathering information. You can ask it questions about historical events or ask it to explain concepts in simple terms.

Just remember — while it can be a great place to start, you shouldn’t use it as your only source. ChatGPT can only provide information about data from 2021 and prior — so it can’t inform you about current events or technology. It’s also important to remember that ChatGPT can demonstrate bias and provide harmful answers, so use your discretion with parsing information. Think of ChatGPT like a summary of CliffNotes to get you started, but always look for other credible sources for citing your information.

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Become a grammar wiz with ChatGPT

While it’s inadvisable to ask ChatGPT to write reports or speeches for you, you can employ the chatbot to improve your writing. Make your reports, emails and presentations all that much stronger by running your text through it for a grammar check, or asking it for suggestions to improve clarity.

Generate simple code snippets with ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is not a dedicated coding tool, it can get you started with simple coding. If you’re building a basic business website or doing simple tasks, specify the coding language and have ChatGPT quickly generate code snippets for you. Be weary, though, as asking it for complex coding may result in partial or incorrect results.


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Use ChatGPT to organize your calendar

Do you struggle with organizing your daily to-do lists in your role? ChatGPT can help with that! Feed it a list of tasks and the timeline you need to complete them, and it can provide you with a schedule for completing them.

Get help with those dreaded email responses

OK, you definitely shouldn’t use this tactic for important stakeholder emails, but if you’re stumped with how to professionally respond to an email that’s been sitting in your inbox forever, you can use ChatGPT to help you draft a response. As always, it will require a human touch to make it sound more like you (and, ahem, human), but it can be helpful to get the juices flowing if you have email block.

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Write feedback with ChatGPT

Similarly, if your role requires you to deliver feedback, it can help by automating templates for you to use as a basis. This can be super helpful for teachers of any kind who have to send large amounts of formulaic feedback. Again, we can’t emphasis enough that, while the chatbot is a helpful tool to start, you should always proofread and add relevant details and examples.

Ask ChatGPT to analyze data

If you have data to analyze and pull insights from, ChatGPT can be a great tool to automate the process. It’s especially helpful for plain language data, like interviews, reports and written essays. It can help provide trends, analyze the sentiment and summarize the main data points efficiently.

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Answer customer support inquiries with ChatGPT

One of the most tedious tasks can be dealing with disgruntled customers. ChatGPT can help by automating responses to frequently asked questions quickly. Another helpful functionality is using ChatGPT to help translate and formulate responses in different languages for international clientele.

Create helpful templates with ChatGPT

From process documents, project plans and meeting outlines to legal documents and invoices, ChatGPT can make your job easier by providing you with templates you can customize for your needs. Be specific in the ask, such as requesting for it to create a simple sales invoice. As always, human eyes are needed to make sure it fits your needs sufficiently before sending to other stakeholders.

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