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Beautiful Red Hues are the Latest Hair Trend — Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Girl with vibrant orange hair holding her face

Hair and hair colour can be a powerful expression of style. This season, one of the biggest trends that we’re seeing is a stunning array of shades of red — from copper to auburn to maroon — on many of our favourite celebrities and style icons. 

If you haven’t been naturally blessed with the red hair tones you crave, and you’re thinking of switching up your hair colour, we’ve got you covered. From some of our fave celebrity inspirations to different shades to explore to things to consider before dyeing your hair (think: how into maintenance are you?), read on for what you need to know.

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Sydney Sweeney with strawberry blonde red hair
Getty Images

Celebrities rocking red hair in 2022

This year, red-hued hair is popping up everywhere — even with celebs who don’t often drift far from their natural shade. A few of our favourite examples?

Doja Cat with red hair performing on New Years Eve
Getty Images

Doja Cat rang in the new year with a bold red hair look at her New Year’s Eve performance (pictured here). She then sported the look again early in 2022, wearing an orange-red curled wig with some front fringe in an Instagram post captioned “Starting 2022 off right,” — and with this colour, we have to agree. 

Kendall Jenner with long copper ponytail on the red carpet
Getty Images

Kendall Jenner has also been rocking trend-setting red hairstyles this year. The model debuted a copper-red blunt cut at Paris Fashion Week, and has shown off her copper tresses at events throughout the year.


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A post shared by Sydney Sweeney (@sydney_sweeney)

Sydney Sweeney took to Instagram to share her new strawberry blonde hair, after famously being Cassie, the blonde bombshell friend to Maddy in Euphoria — however, the red couldn’t have been a better match. 


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A post shared by barbie ferreira (@barbieferreira)

We don’t know if red suits anyone like it does Barbie Ferreira. This shade of dark golden copper is absolutely perfect for her complexion and a beautiful change from her usual dark-brown locks. 


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How to choose a shade of red hair colour you’ll love

As with any colour, cut or style, there’s no one look that’s “best” for everyone — the perfect look for you depends on your personal style and hair preferences.

That being said, whether you’re dyeing your hair or selecting a wig, one way to pick a flattering shade of red is to look to your skin tone. Guided by some tips found in Allure, here are some ideas for shades that complement different skin tones. 

If your skin tone is fair, consider: Strawberry blonde or rosy copper tones

Strawberry blonde and rosy copper tones work well with very fair skin tones, sticking with these lighter-red shades avoids potentially being washed out by rich, bold red tones. 

Similarly, muted copper shades can be flattering with fair skin tones, giving a little more leeway with the specific hue, but still sticking with a lighter shade. 

If your skin tone is olive or medium, consider: Golden copper or golden auburn tones

Golden copper has the ability to pull out the warmth without making your skin seem dull, this shade brightens and complements olive skin tones.

Medium skin tones pair well with dark or golden auburn shades of red throughout the hair, which tend to brighten up and add vibrant contrasts to the complexion. 

If your skin tone is tan, consider: Cherry red or golden copper tones

Tan skin can often be complemented beautifully by a shade of dark (or vibrant) cherry red — worn by Nicki Minaj— pulling out red hues in the cheeks and creating that natural glow. 

Golden copper tones may also complement those with tanned skin, drawing out the golden undertones in your skin tone, giving a beautiful sun-kissed glow — which we see beautifully on Cardi B.

If your skin tone is dark, consider: Plum or deep cinnamon tones

A deep plum shade beautifully complements darker skin tones and brings a glow-from-within feel, pulling out those rich dark tones from the skin. 


A bit auburn and a bit coppery, a deep-cinnamon tint can pair beautifully with dark skin tones as well.

Typically, the deeper your skin tone, the darker shade of red to complement those hues, but that doesn’t mean a copper or orange-red tone doesn’t still look iconic. 

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woman with red hair wearing a hat

What to consider before dyeing your hair red

Before committing to a fiery-hued look, (and yes, if you’re dyeing your hair red, it is a full commitment), there are some questions to consider, based on tips found on Sweety High.

  1. Are you prepared for the upkeep? Like many hair colours, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that vibrant red requires upkeep — from regular root touch ups to toners. And, if you need to lighten your current colour first in order to achieve the red hue you want, that process can add to the overall cost and commitment. Make sure you’re prepared for the time and expense.
  2. Have you picked the right shade for you? As we explored earlier, there are many different shades of red to try — one way to find the best one for you is to consider your skin tone.
  3. How will it look when it — inevitably — fades? If you find yourself leaving the salon feeling unsure because your colour is darker than you anticipated, don’t panic. Red hair colour often fades quickly, so it may start off darker than expected until fading out your desired shade. Be sure to discuss this with your hair colourist if you go to a pro.
  4. Are you OK with a new shower routine? To keep dyed red hair looking its best, you may want to consider switching up the temperature with your showers — for example, swapping hot water for cold. Speaking of the shower, you may also want to look for shampoo that’s designed for colour-treated or red hair tones to help make that colour last as long as possible. Washing your hair less frequently may also help elongate the life expectancy of the red.
  5. Do you use heat-protectant products? Heat protectant is always important, and with dyed red hair, it is essential to maintaining that vibrant colour when you heat style. Make sure you are ready to commit to spraying before styling, every time.

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So, whether you’re looking for a big change or some subtle copper-red highlights, here is your sign to go for it — just make sure to consider all these aspects before doing so.

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