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Are These the Richest Celebs Who Own Private Jets? Let’s Look at Their Net Worth

When it was recently revealed that Kylie Jenner took her private jet for a flight of only 17 minutes – a distance that can take as little as 43 minutes by car – internet sleuths started looking into the flying habits of other celebrities and found that Jenner is far from the worst celeb offender when it comes to racking up those carbon emissions with private flights: Taylor Swift is allegedly number one. Mind you, it’s not just the environmental impact of these jets that had people fuming. It was also the amount of fuel used at a time when it is so expensive for the average person.

Of course, if one can afford a private jet, one can most likely afford the fuel that keeps it in the air. So who would have the easiest time paying for being a high flier? These are just some of the richest celebs who are reported to own private jets, based on their estimated net worth in USD. (Note: We didn’t include billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, whose fame came from making money. Instead, we only included people whose money came with being famous.)

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