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The 20 Top Grossing Book-to-Film Adaptations

Hollywood and the literary world have always had a sort of symbiotic relationship: filmmakers often get their stories from books, while authors often find new audiences when readers have seen a movie adaptation of a book and then go out to buy said book to see if it’s better than the movie. In fact, the world’s bestselling authors – people like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling – may not have been so famous at all if it weren’t for movies based on their writings. But how well do book-to-film adaptations actually do at the box office? The answer is: pretty good, actually. We’ve looked at the movies that made the most money in history, according to Box Office Mojo, and then adapted the amounts to 2021 values to account for inflation. With that, we bring you the top grossing book-to-film adaptations. All figures are in US dollars.

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