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April 2023 Horoscopes: What May Come Your Way This Month

April 2023 Horoscopes: What May Come Your Way This Month

Aries, it’s your time to shine. Read on for your April 2023 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying — from your career to your friendships to your love life — in the weeks to come.

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Aquarius illustration
Azra Hirji

Aquarius horoscopes for April 2023

Life is different

Reverting to old habits may seem enticing because of the number of changes occurring right now, Aquarius. While life may feel overwhelming, you are learning not to let temporary discomforts derail you from achieving your long-term plans. Remembering the nucleus of your future aspirations by reconnecting with the “why” will assist you in adjusting to any minor changes life has thrown your way.

Inconsequential details like who will be with you or when certain things will actualize will only add unnecessary and sometimes unrealistic expectations that can cause more harm than good. Exercise your ability to discern while you sift through these details. It will be a helpful skill in more ways than one by reducing information overload and decision paralysis. Stay in the present.

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Libra illustration
Azra Hirji

Libra horoscopes for April 2023

Ask for help when needed

This month, opportunities to develop your relationship with commitment by becoming less self-involved and more cooperative will be more abundant. The conflation of working with others and people-pleasing can negatively impact our ability to coexist harmoniously. Allowing yourself to be and offering those within your environment the same courtesy is the heart of coexisting.

However, when we exist in a manner solely favourable to those around us, neglecting to honour our values, preferences and perspective, we set ourselves up for failure and self-abandonment. This can create a vicious cycle that discourages us from wanting to synergize with others and instead opting for operating independently. We are constantly learning and evolving, Libra, so it is okay to ask for help if needed.

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Aries illustration
Azra Hirji

Aries horoscopes for April 2023

Main character energy

Sudden changes to your resources have got you thinking about ways to increase your wealth. While having an optimistic mindset about the future can keep you in positive spirits, remaining grounded in reality is necessary. Taking risks and acting impulsively will have detrimental consequences this month, Aries.

Consulting someone you trust about any deals, plans, or collaborations for the future will create an extra layer of protection and vigilance. Turning your attention toward yourself and evaluating whether you are making decisions from sound reasoning and not feelings of doubt and insecurity will determine the longevity of your choices. You have entered a season about you, and the time has come for you to give yourself the same consideration you give everyone else. Main character energy!

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Leo illustration
Azra Hirji

Leo horoscopes for April 2023

Life beyond the veil

Congratulations, Leo! The moment has come for you to move beyond what is familiar and explore the unknown. You are journeying where you have never been, so let go of the need to prepare! It can feel intimating not to feel in control; however, allowing your instincts to guide you through this new territory will assist you in living in the moment.

Releasing control also means not resorting to using the faculties of the mind to process or resolve any perceived challenges. Tuning into your feelings and the sensations of your body while observing the body language of those around you will provide you with all the information you need. You are learning that the subtleties of life mean as much as the obvious.

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Scorpio illustration
Azra Hirji

Scorpio horoscopes for April 2023

Finding peace

Scorpio, say goodbye to using your incessant need to find a problem as a way to stall yourself from moving on to the next stage of your journey. Doing so has trapped you in a state of constantly testing yourself and using your results as a metric for whether or not you can accept yourself. The data points to you being exactly who you feel you are, and now it is time to take the next step— learning how to work with and trust others.

Your ability to probe can be better used when directed at anything other than attempting to discredit the work you have done. Finding peace in your current state will assist you in doing the same for those closest to you.

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Virgo illustration

Virgo horoscopes for April 2023

Who are you doing it for?

Achieving things just for the sake of achievement will eventually get tiresome, Virgo. Significant mind power has been put into actualizing your future ambitions, allowing you to flesh out precisely what you desire; however, who are you really doing it for? Worrying about meeting your needs because of the hidden desire to please those around you will syphon your energy and grow an insatiable resentment toward those you once put on pedestals.

Taking a moment to be honest with yourself about why you do what you do can save you from thinking of others before yourself in an area of your life that would be best focused on you. There is a difference between selflessness and self-sacrifice, and knowing the difference will make a difference.

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Sagittarius illustration
Azra Hirji

Sagittarius horoscopes for April 2023

Detatching to see the bigger picture

Taking life personally will only cause suffering, no matter the circumstance. This does not mean avoiding, neglecting or hiding how you feel; however, it does mean that you are the only one responsible for how you feel. Detaching from stressful situations to widen your field of vision will give you space to see the bigger picture. Remember, expectations for anyone other than yourself will lead to disappointments in the future.

You can mitigate experiences like this by doing what is best for you and considering yourself first. Existing in this manner may feel uncomfortable, but over time you will get used to putting your needs at the top of your priority list. Your mind, heart and soul will thank you for it.

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Capricorn illustration
Azra Hirji

Capricorn horoscopes for April 2023

Go with the flow

Chasing, running and ultimately forcing our way toward our goals is not inherently wrong; however, when we exist this way because we perceive there to be a lack of resources, we push what we want away. Capricorn, you are learning the power of your magnetism. Desperately looking for anything will make it harder to find. A way to strengthen the hold of your magnetism is by using faith.

Allowing divine timing to facilitate what cannot be seen while remembering that you are worthy of what you want will grant you the ability to acquiesce and enjoy the journey. Ease can be on your side this month if you let go of the reigns and go with the flow. What you want will collide with you.

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Gemini illustration
Azra Hirji

Gemini horoscopes for April 2023

Self-Discovery over Pleasure

The season for playing games and structuring your life around leisure has temporarily come to an end, Gemini. While this adjustment may feel bittersweet, it indicates the start of a new chapter focused on spiritual evolution and self-discovery. Your comprehension skills and attention to nuance will be the most valuable assets in your artillery, so anything that compromises your ability to trust in them is not worth it!

The whims of instant gratification can distort your view of the future, creating unnecessary challenges for coordinating and planning. This month’s goal is to become aware of what you use as a distraction from doing what your soul asks. These distractions will take the form of instantly gratifying escapes leading nowhere in the long run.

Taurus illustration
Azra Hirji

Taurus horoscopes for April 2023

Calling a spade a spade

Forming connections is necessary for survival; however, making the wrong ones can cost us. Our naivety can get us to project who we are onto people with contrasting intentions. Whenever a situation sounds or feels too good to be true, take a step back and observe what is occurring within and around you. There is a difference between friendly people and your friends, and knowing the difference can save you money, energy and heartache.

Strengthening and trusting your intuitive abilities will be critical this month, Taurus. Sometimes a spade needs to be called a spade without sugarcoating, and other times certain people need to be left alone without a word. Remain grounded by using the connection you have with yourself as a baseline.

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Cancer illustration
Azra Hirji


Cancer horoscopes for April 2023

Interdependence, not codependence

Detaching from what was once a stressful private matter has given you space to gain some needed perspective, and looking back at the circumstance with greater clarity, you deserve a moment to pat yourself on the back. Focusing on anything else during the height of the conflict was challenging because of the number of emotions involved.

Your sense of comfort was put on the hot seat, which revealed an opportunity to reflect on and replace outdated emotional regulation strategies. A huge lesson that can be deduced from that experience is the value of your independence. Working with others requires interdependence, not codependence, and the line between the two can appear to be hair-thin. Maintaining enough space for perspective is a must to see things clearly!

Pisces illustration
Azra Hirji

Pisces horoscopes for April 2023

Remember who you are

Your inner circle will play a vital role this month, Pisces, as a slowly growing pressure unlike anything you have experienced enters your world. Understanding that pressure can burst pipes or make diamonds can serve as an analogy for the possible outcomes. You can handle what life presents to you, no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

Remembering who you are will be a key to your success. You are not a victim! Anytime you feel weighted down or have trouble accepting yourself, reach out to a close friend who knows your heart. You will be surprised how much a conversation with a loved one can remedy. Attempting to do everything on your own will only add more to what might already feel heavy. You got this!

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