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The Best Dish to Bring to a Holiday Potluck — Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Illustrations of party food like a charcuterie tray, gnocchi and samosas

Our zodiac signs are ruled by the planets, but you know what our choices in food are ruled by? Our stomachs.

Holiday season is full of family, friend and office potlucks, which equates to a whole lot of food! While you’re thinking about all the delicious meals you’ll eat this festive season, here’s a list of what you should bring to those holiday parties — based on your zodiac sign.

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Cauliflower wings

Aries: Buffalo cauliflower wings

Ever met an Aries that didn’t have a lil spice to them? Didn’t think so. That’s why they’re bound to bring something spicy and fun, but never basic.

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Taurus: Cheese gnocchi

Taurus’ love to relax, and enjoy a tasteful, savoury meal (with lots of sauce) – basically, a meal that’ll genuinely make them happy. What better option than pasta?

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Gemini: S’mores dip

Geminis are playful and sweet (hence the sweet tooth), but they’re also some of the busiest people we know. A Gemini is definitely bringing something fun and quick, filled with chocolate.

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Charcuterie tray

Cancer: An overflowing charcuterie board

As one of the most emotional and sentimental signs, cancers care a lot – which includes wanting to make sure they’re bringing a dish that has a bit of something for everyone to enjoy. Need some inspiration? This latke charcuterie board is a real crowd pleaser.

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Leo: Pizza

Passionate and theatrical, a Leo is going to have all eyes on them when they walk into the room – and it’d only help their case if they’re walking in with a stack of pizza boxes.

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Virgo: Taquitos

Virgos take a logical and practical approach to everything they do, including being realistic about what they’re bringing to the party. A rolled up, handheld taco is filling, easy to carry around and yummy, of course.

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Libra: Sweet potato fries

This social butterfly is good at keeping everyone happy. They also just give me a vibe that they really love potatoes for some reason – which I love for them, because they’re bound to bring the crispiest fries AKA the perfect pairing for any main dish.

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Sushi tray

Scorpio: Sushi

Scorpios are known for having a soft spot for seafood, and no party is ever really complete without a massive tray of assorted sushi.

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Sagittarius: Mini veggie samosas

As the life of the party, a Sag showing up to your holiday get-together is a treat itself. Since their main job is to entertain, they don’t have time to get into making a big, complicated dish – they thrive off quick finger foods, which is exactly what they’d bring!

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Brussels sprouts salad

Capricorn: Parmesan Brussels sprouts salad

Capricorns are known for planning for long-term results, and when we think long-term, we think health. Of course, the Capricorn is bringing something full of nutrients! Try this yummy recipe for Parmesan Brussels Sprouts — the crispy secret is all about the air fryer.

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Apple fritters

Aquarius: Apple fritters

Aquarius’ are always looking to make things better – they take something simple and love to elevate it, which is why we can totally see them putting a spin on a basic fruit like an apple, to turn it into something warm, cozy and delicious.

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Pisces: Turkey

I’ve never met a Pisces who wasn’t picky about their food – usually, in a good way. They’re big on home-cooked, traditional meals and when we think of holiday dinners, “turkey” is one of the first things that comes to mind!

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