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How to Turn Your Home Cleaning Routine into a More ‘Magical’ Experience

Two people cleaning a bedroom

Everyone loves to have a clean, organized home — but getting motivated to actually clean your living space can be almost as hard as motivating yourself to go on a run. You know you should, you know you’ll feel better afterwards, but you just can’t do it.

However, if you’re looking for a new way to spice up that cleaning routine, you may want to look no further than spirituality – seriously.

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How can spirituality factor into cleaning?

You know how witches always have brooms? That’s no coincidence. There is a long-standing connection between certain types of spirituality and cleaning. 

When you’re feeling off, you can use the tangible action of cleaning to help you out. 

Witch and astrologer Anthony Perrotta says you can be part of this “mundane magick” tradition by doing something as simple as opening your window to clear the air out a room while also clearing out the negative energy. 

But before we go any further: spelling “magick” with a “k” isn’t a typo! It’s a way to indicate spiritual magic, rather than pick-a-card-any-card kind of magic.

Okay, back to the cleaning. When you’re feeling off, you can use the tangible action of cleaning to help you out. 

“Any time I clean my floors, I immediately feel an energetic shift,” Perrotta says. “I feel like I’m cleaning out the B.S., the dirt, the dust and the negativity.”

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View of a floor with colourful confetti, feet and a broom

What is ‘magickal’ cleaning?

Lucky for us, Perrotta isn’t only a witch and astrologer — he’s also a designer and stylist. He has an easy, three-step process to bring more magick into your cleaning: clear, cleanse and organize. 

Step one: clear

The clearing process is all about getting the old/negative energy out of your house.


Ask yourself: what do I want to clear out? What do I want to bring into my life? You can make this intention tangible by ringing bells to clear out the energy in your home, for example.

(Note: if you’re not Indigenous, don’t try any DIY smudging. If you want to smudge at home, your best bet would be to reach out to your local Indigenous Canadian community centre, which may be able to guide you towards people and ways that can help you ethically respect the ritual.)

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Step two: clean

Next is the cleaning process, which is exactly what it sounds like. Sweeping, dusting, mopping — you name it. This part is all about bringing in that new energy by cleaning off the old energy. 

Perrotta likes to attribute different spiritual goals to each room when cleaning. For instance, he cleans the kitchen not just to clean the kitchen, but because he wants to feel nourished in his creative practice (he’s also a writer and takes the most beautiful Instagram photos, so I’ll have what he’s having). 

This not only makes the cleaning process have more meaning, but also motivates you! Who doesn’t want to bring more nourishment into their life? And it’s as simple as cleaning my kitchen? Sign me up!

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Step three: organize

Finally, the organizing process.

“When you put something in its place, you’re also putting some in its place in your life,” Perrotta says. 

So folding all the clothes on your bedroom floor isn’t just tidying, it also means that you’re making space for a new lover or room to start that yoga practice you’ve been putting off. It’s the final touch in making you literally and spiritually create space for the life you want. 

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A spray bottle, green cleaning gloves and a plant

And if you want to get *really* magickal…

If you’ve been super into your horoscope lately, you can also bring your birth chart into your cleaning process. 

Perrotta recommends looking at your imum coeli (IC) to get an idea about your relationship to cleaning. You can find your IC at the lowest point in your chart, usually in the fourth house. The IC relates to your family and your home, so the sign that it’s in can give you a good idea about how you can motivate yourself to clean.

For instance, Perrotta’s own IC is in Virgo, the sign known for perfection and cleanliness. It’s no wonder his “favourite thing” to do is clean his floors!

But if your IC is in a sign like Aries or Gemini, Perrotta says you may have trouble focusing on one task. He recommends gamifying your cleaning rituals. For instance, motivating yourself to clean your bathtub so that you can then take a bath in it after as a reward.

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Magickal cleaning recommendations

If you’re still not feeling motivated to clean, finding magickal (and delicious smelling!) cleaning products can help. 

Perrotta created his own floor washing recipe, which uses household items like lemon, olive oil and vinegar to help you scrub those floors while also purifying, cleansing and blessing your own mind/spirit. 

If you’re not up for whipping up your own potion, Perrotta also recommends HausWitch’s Counter Magick cleaning products or The Magick Makers’ cleansing blends

If you want something more local to Canada, Toronto-based Madame Phoenix also has excellent magickal floor washes

The next time you’re feeling stuck in your cleaning routine, look no further than making it a little magickal! Your floors will shine, and so will you.


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