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The Moon Matters: A Guide to How the Moon’s Phases Impact Your Life

A shadowy person leaning back the moon and an orange sky in the background

Have you ever wondered why you feel down during the winter months, or how each phase of the Moon impacts your life? Using the seasons and the energy from the Moon practically can enhance your emotional, mental and spiritual worlds and insert more ease, meaning and structure into your current life. Remember that everything is energy and that anything tangible within your reality was once a thought. Grounding yourself in this knowing can shift your focus from wanting to keep up with society and instead allow yourself to move at your own pace and trust the process. 

Read on to learn how the essence of the seasons affects your energy, along with how to use the influence of the four major Moon phases in your everyday life to achieve the life of your dreams.

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The moon over snowy mountains

The history of the Moon and its connection to the seasons

Take a walk with me through human history to around 6,000 BC, when a portion of the Earth’s inhabitants migrated to Northern Africa and decided to settle in modern-day Egypt. Life embodied a different form where the climate was the apex predator, and agriculture was a developing science. The sustainability of life during this stage of civilization depended on the seemingly volatile environment until the Egyptians identified a few patterns. The Moon appeared to move through the sky in a cycle repeated every 27.5–28 days, and the Nile River repeated periods of homeostasis, flood and drought, which directly affected agriculture. 

Once these patterns were studied and solidified, the Egyptians recognized the importance of being in sync with the Moon’s cycle and the periodicity of the Nile River. The different phases of the Moon provided increasing light at night until the time of the waning Moon. It also impacted the energy of all living things and the emotions of humanity with its hidden yet pervading influence. The fluctuations of the Nile River later became the seasons, which advanced the structure of the science of agriculture. Together these patterns created the foundation of the Egyptian calendar system, which was later imitated by countless civilizations. 

Today life has taken on a different form where maintaining a favorable position within a generally oppressive society has replaced our focus on maintaining our agricultural needs. Now, the apex predator has morphed into western society’s destructive distractions and conditioning. A once primarily physical threat has evolved into a mental one, shifting our focus inward as opposed to outward. Moreover, the seasons have evolved into the winter and summer solstice, vernal/spring and autumnal equinox.


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the phases of the moon on a dark background

A practical guide to the four seasons

Let us now look to the four seasons — and how they may impact us.

Winter solstice: December

The winter solstice occurs between December 19–22 (in 2022, the winter solstice will take place on December 21) and corresponds with the Sun moving into the sign Earth Capricorn, representing a period of inactivity.

During the winter solstice, the day is shorter, while the night is longer. The reduction in sunlight and increased darkness create an environment that encourages rest and introspection, which is why many of us tend to feel low or down during this season.

Winter is the season to focus on your emotional, mental and spiritual worlds without judgment or feeling rushed — journaling will be helpful.

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Vernal/spring equinox: March

The vernal/spring equinox occurs between March 19–21 (in 2023, it will occur on March 20) and corresponds with the Sun moving into the fire sign Aries, representing a period of germination.

During the vernal equinox, the day and night are equal. The slow increase of daylight rejuvenates our dormant energy, and the environment encourages movement and planning, which is why many of us tend to feel uplifted and inspired during this season.

Spring is the season to focus on clearing your mind by increasing your physical activity — creating a workout routine will be helpful.


Summer solstice: June

The summer solstice occurs between June 19–21 (in 2023, the summer solstice is on June 21) and corresponds with the Sun moving into the water sign Cancer, representing a period of blossoming.

During the summer solstice, the day is longer, while the night is shorter. The extension of sunlight and increased heat create an environment that encourages socializing and achievement, which is why many of us tend to network and accomplish significant goals during this season.

Summer is the season to focus on maintaining habits that make you feel beautiful — staying hydrated will be helpful.

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Autumnal equinox: September

The autumnal equinox occurs between September 19–22 (in 2022, the autumnal equinox occurred on September 22) and corresponds with the Sun moving into the air sign Libra, representing a period of decay.

During the autumnal equinox, the day and night are equal. The slow increase of darkness and reduction of sunlight create an environment that encourages wrapping up and conserving, which is why many of us tend to accumulate resources during this season.

Autumn is the season to focus on slowing down — creating a stretching routine will be helpful.

A person looking out at the moon

A practical guide to the four Moon phases

New Moon: Introduction and construction of your goal

The New Moon/Dark Moon phase incites inspiration and is an opportune time to establish one-to-three goals you will focus on for the next 27–30 days. Keeping the list of goals between one and three will prevent feeling overwhelmed.

  • Signs to look out for: Feeling inspired.
  • How to optimize New Moon Energy: Daydream! Visualize what you want.
  • What to avoid: Feeling doubtful and or hopeless.

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First Quarter: Coordination and execution of your goal

The First Quarter Moon phase incites the desire to plan and is an opportune time to establish the necessary steps to achieve your goal. Now is the time to call in for backup!

  • Signs to look out for: External support.
  • How to optimize First Quarter Moon Energy: Be direct! Request what you need.
  • What to avoid: Turning away help and procrastinating.

Full Moon: Materialization and culmination of your goal

The Full Moon phase incites excitement and is an opportune time to share what you have been working on over the last couple weeks. Now is your time to shine!

  • Signs to look out for: Manifestation of your goal.
  • How to optimize Full Moon Energy: Express yourself! Confidently share what you know.
  • What to avoid: Complaining and close-mindedness.

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Last Quarter: Deconstruction and reflection on your goal

The Last Quarter Moon phase incites completion and is an opportune time to listen to those around you that your goal impacted. 

  • Signs to look out for: Feedback.
  • How to optimize Last Quarter Moon Energy: Express gratitude and ask questions.
  • What to avoid: Judging yourself and taking things personally.

Takeaway: Trust the process

Observing the essence of the seasons and the influence of the Moon’s energy is a practice we have adopted from antiquity. While the structure of society has changed, the importance of these patterns has remained consistent. The seasons are a rhythm that can attune humanity to the Earth’s energy, and the Moon’s phases can create a guide for achieving desired goals.

Implementing these practices today can help take some pressure off your shoulders by dissolving the notion that you must do everything by yourself. Let these patterns become first nature, so you can focus your energy on shining your light as bright as possible! While life can get tricky sometimes, remember that moving at your own pace and trusting the process will never lead you astray. Taking your time will always get you to your destination the fastest.

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