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What Your Mommy Issues Mean for Your Love Life

Dating in the modern age requires a certain level of patience and understanding, and it seems the older we get, the more we encounter partners who are still working through their history and upbringing to better understand themselves and thrive in a healthy relationship. As we reflect on our upbringing, parenting issues can often rise to the surface. When that happens, it can become too easy to suggest potential partners have mommy or daddy issues simply because we don’t understand otherwise. But these labels have a deeper meaning than their surface value text, and it’s essential to the success of a relationship that we take the time to educate ourselves.

We spoke with couples’ therapist, Marlee Rubel, to chat about mommy issues, including what the term means, how it forms and what the impact on a new relationship could look like. As a registered psychotherapist, Rubel has spent time helping couples understand how their upbringing and the way they were raised by their parents contribute to how they operate in a relationship.

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