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Makeup Organization: This is How to Give Your Vanity an Upgrade

makeup organizers

If you are a beauty and skincare lover like me, you can relate when I say that I have tons of drawers filled with opened products simply because there are so many fantastic options out there on the market — and more is always more. Over the past few months I’ve been trying to find different ways to organize my vanity in terms of practicality, aesthetics and product longevity and these are some the options that I’ve found thus far.

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a clear acrylic makeup container
V-HanverAcrylic Makeup Organizer$31


I may like to try to new products, but if I’m honest, I have plenty of cult favourites that I simply could not live without. I prefer to have those right at arms reach and I find that this rotating acrylic organizer is the perfect practical countertop option. It packs a lot of products but allows me easy access to the ones in the back by simply rotating it.

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a white mini fridge
FrigidaireMini Portable Compact Personal Fridge$42

Keeping it cool

Mini fridges are one of my favourite skincare storage trends from the past few years. Not only are they super cute (but then again, everything mini is adorable), but I love their practical aspect. Keeping your products cool does help prolong their lifespan and it can also feel quite soothing on the skin. If you have extra storage space, you can add in your favourite bottle of perfume or a can of sparkling water as well!

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clear cutlery organizer
Bed, Bath & Beyond
iDesignDrawer Organizer$4-$20

Call it a draw(er)

Some things are better kept in drawers, but no matter how neatly you place products they often move around as you open and close your drawers. I love these organizers (I also use them in my kitchen) and they are the perfect option for brushes and anything in small pots or jars.


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a clear lipstick organizer
The Container Store
The Container Store24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer$12.50


This one goes to all my lip balm and lipstick lovers. This acrylic organizer is the perfect way to keep your lip products standing tall without them rolling around or causing a domino effect on your vanity. It displays all of them clearly for you to be able to make your colour choice easily every day.

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a clear nail polish shelf rack
FemeliAcrylic Nail Polish Rack Organizer$68

Nailed it

Create your own nail salon fantasy at home with this nail polish wall rack shelf that is perfect to display your collection! I love that these ones can be mounted separately as well, so you don’t need to put up all six racks if you don’t feel like it. It’s also a great way to display other products such as lipsticks, eye palettes or foundations.

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a makeup organizer kit with mirrors
Readaeer StoreReadaeer LED Makeup Organizer$67

Ray of light

I love the multi-functionality of this organizer. It’s large enough to fit your skincare bottles and jars at the top, it has drawers to stores your sheet masks, palettes and brushes, but it also has a built-in LED makeup mirror which makes it so much easier apply your skincare/makeup every day.

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two clear glass jars, one with cotton balls, one with q-tips
DS.DistinctivePlastic Cotton Ball and Swab Holder With Lid$19

Caught in a jar

Cotton pads and swaps are essential parts of my skincare routine, but let’s be honest, they don’t usually come in the most aesthetic packaging. These acrylic jars are great ways to store your pads, balls and swaps table side while still keeping things pretty and organized.

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a clear storage container, empty
MujiRattan Rectangular Box$30

Up we go

One of the best ways to minimize space on a countertop is by going upwards and that’s exactly what will be achieved with this storage box organizer. Each unit is big enough to fit your full sized products while keeping them on display so you can easily figure out where your favourite moisturizer is. It has the added bonus of keeping it all away from the dust.

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a small brown rattan storage box
MujiAcrylic Storage Box$55


I clearly have a thing for acrylic (pun intended), but there are also some other fantastic options out there on the market. I love those rattan boxes from Muji which are super in tune with the prevalent beige aesthetic these days. It also has the added benefit of keeping your products away from the sun.

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a clear office-style storage rack
IKEALennart Drawer Unit$15

Rack it up

Sometimes you simply run out of table space and you need to create more room for your beloved skincare. This drawer unit is easily moveable and can hold plenty of products plus since you’re most likely going to have it underneath your desk, your products will be kept cool and away from damaging sun rays.

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