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These are Our Magical Manifestations for 2021

Person sitting and hugging one knee while lit by blue-and-rainbow-hued light

With a new year come new possibilities, and with it the magical manifestations we want to make happen for 2021. Not only are we turning the page on 2020, but from love, to career, to personal growth, here’s how we’re dreaming big, setting our intentions and focusing our energies for 2021.

Analog love in a digital world

This year, I’m manifesting love and giving my trust over to the Universe. I had an epiphany last year and decided to delete all of my dating apps, with no intention of returning. I have pretty good intuition and I know I won’t find what I’m looking for there. Call me crazy, but the Universe will have to come through for me in the midst of a pandemic without the help of Bumble or Tinder.  – Tracey M., producer,

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Close contact

A COVID-safe world. Where I can visit my mom in BC. And hug my friends. Jen F., editor,

Road trip ready

I’m dreaming of finally getting my driver’s license in 2021 so I can take road trips once the warmer weather hits. I failed my test in 2020 and had to start over, so finger’s crossed that 2021 brings me some luck, less nerves and careful driving! – Lydia H., writer

Woman with big-frame glasses and hoop earrings looking over her shoulder

Owning your self-worth

I am still learning to live in my worth — and learning to love and respect my authentic self. As someone who was raised and groomed as a people pleaser, it can be very challenging to say “no” to people who come around sniffing out a service or three I know I can provide. Romantically, I make terrible decisions and have invested in people who have left me emotionally bankrupt. So, with my heart on low and hope on high, I am manifesting good, healthy love, mutual respect and true self-love for 2021. Living in your worth isn’t easy and it means eliminating familiar toxic behaviours and patterns that usually feel good for a while. I am learning and promise to be gentle with myself on this spirit journey. – Chloe T., editor,

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Grounded in the present

2020 was wild…like seriously wtf was that? For the new year I’m trying to chill out, be thankful for what I have and be more present. I’m definitely a go-getter by nature and I find myself always looking to level-up — never really satisfied with what I have.  While some may consider this to be boss energy, I think it’s actually harmful. I find myself either looking too far ahead, or stressing about mistakes from the past. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe it’s good to be ambitious, set goals and self-assess. But being overly hard on yourself? Trying to fit everything into one day? That’s toxic. In 2021, I want to be more mindful and present. One way I’m going to do this is by reminding myself that I’m more than my productivity that day (didn’t do all the things? there’s always tomorrow). Taking the time to care for your mental and physical health should come first ALWAYS.  – Madison G., digital social strategist 

Putting the ‘life’ back in ‘work-life’

For 2021, I’m keeping it simple. I’m going to make time for myself, my family and the things that I love to do. A big issue with working from home is that I forget to check the clock so I can wrap things up at a decent time. As a result, I end up neglecting the “life” portion of the work-life balance. Work is not life.  So, I’m making a conscious effort in 2021 to finish what I can within the 9 to 5, shut down my work devices, and focus on myself and my loved ones. I’m going to complete those crafting projects I’ve been telling myself I would finish. I’m going to bring my dog out for more walks because it makes him so happy. And, I’m going to spend more time having meaningful conversations with my husband and other family members.  – Melissa T., digital strategist 



Table in backyard with food and a vertical herb wall in the background

Hosting for the holidays

True to my zodiac sign (Cancer), I’m  all about the home. I’m dreaming of finally being able to host my friends and family in our home this summer or for the holidays, and to cook them a delicious, nourishing meal. I’m pinning these hosting tips and recipes for inspiration now!  – Dragana K., assistant editor,

Letting go of what doesn’t serve you

Ugh, what a year already — but I still hold space for the hope that everything will be OK. Additionally, I am finally letting go of the things that no longer serve me. More specifically, anything and everything that doesn’t align with where I am at physically and emotionally. It’s taken 30-something years for me to arrive at this point, but if 2020 taught me anything, it’s that life is too short to participate in the things that make you miserable. – Shorey A., writer

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Boss goals

This year, I’m manifesting a vintage housewares business where I get to turn my hobby and passion of thrifting and antiquing into a full-time, viable business. I’m putting it out to you, world! (Last year I manifested the drivers license.) – Lisa F., writer


Woman in orange top amidst cherry blossoms

Less screen time, more me-time

My main focus in 2021 is to prioritize my mental health by decreasing my screen time. As someone who used to capture nearly every event for IG stories, quarantine was very much needed to force me to reflect on things I want to share and the moments and people I want to cherish privately. Now I rarely share anything, and it’s made me SO much happier and at ease. It’s also easy to fall into the pattern of “doomscrolling” during this very uncertain time, but it’s important to set boundaries, put the phone down, and be present. I’ve started using the Offtime app to prevent me from spending extra time on social media, and instead I use that time to call loved ones (I personally prefer talking than texting these days), read a TONNE of books (I’m currently reading Us Three by Ruth Jones, it’s AMAZING), and get in some exercise and meditation instead (Yoga with Adrienne is a game changer)! Here’s to manifesting only the very best for our mental wellbeing in 2021. – Sunita H., community manager

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Manifesting joy

In 2021 I’m manifesting happiness whatever that means, right? With self-help books galore on my Amazon wish list, I’ll be taking the journey of self-discovery. The pandemic has given us more time at home (which can be challenging for us social folks) but it’s time for me to use these quiet days to self-reflect and reassess what gives me joy.” – Leia S., writer


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