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Then and Now: Teresa Giudice’s Daughters are Growing Up Fast

Teresa Giudice and four daughters attend a party
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Since its debut in 2009, Teresa Giudice’s family life has been a central storyline on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa’s four daughters have gone from babies to teens, and from teens to adults. One thing has always been certain, Teresa is the ultimate momma bear, and she did a great job raising her kids. While the Giudice family has seen their fair share of loss and heartbreak, the girls have shown their resilience alongside their mother. We’ve seen the Giudice sisters grow up for over a decade now, so let’s take a look at their evolution since appearing on the show.

Gia Giudice has always been a loving big sister

Gia Giudice as a child
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Teresa and Joe’s eldest daughter, Gia, first appeared on the show at eight years old. Through the early years of the show we saw much of her close bond with her father and her uncle, Joe Gorga. Gia was just 13 when her parents pled guilty to several counts of fraud, and she immediately took on the role of being there for her younger sisters.

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She has blossomed into a responsible adult

Gia Giudice on Watch What Happens Live
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Having just turned 21 this January, Gia is now a student at Rutgers University. She revealed her boyfriend Christian Carmichael on Instagram in 2020, and frequently visits her dad who lives abroad between Italy and The Bahamas. We’re expecting to see more of her this season, as she navigates her now rocky relationship with her uncle, Joe Gorga.

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Gabriella Giudice has always been low key

Teresa Giudice and daughters
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Second eldest, Gabriella, made her debut as a Jersey housewife daughter at six years old. She has always been the most reclusive out of all the sisters, but over the years we saw Gabriella interact with her family and show her playful side.

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She enjoys her privacy, and is having fun high school

Teresa Giudice and four daughters
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Now 17 years old, Gabriella still remains mostly out of the spotlight, rarely appearing in photos or in storylines on the show. Though she keeps it lowkey, we’ve seen her looking more and more like her mother in photos with her sisters and most recently, headed off to prom.

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Milania Giudice grew up as the playful sister

Teresa Giudice swimming with daughter Milania
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Milania was the youngest sister to first appear on the show at just two years old. She was always an outspoken child, and we saw her playful antics throughout the seasons. Though she was understandably very affected by her parent’s legal woes, Milania has always been a unique and fun spirit.

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She’s still shining, and looking like Teresa’s mini-me

Teresa Giudice and daughter Milania
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Over the last few years we’ve seen Milania discover her passion for music and of course, long nails. She has always had a knack for beauty and fashion, and is growing up to look the most like her mother out of all of her sisters. She most recently celebrated her 16th birthday bash with family and friends.

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Audriana Giudice wasn’t born yet when the family became famous

Teresa Giudice carrying daughter Audriana
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Audriana wasn’t even born when The Real Housewives of New Jersey ran its first season. Teresa announced she was pregnant with Audriana on the season one reunion, so she has spent her whole life in front of the cameras.

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She’s dancing and making her family proud

Teresa Giudice and daughter Audriana
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The 13 year-old is growing up before our eyes, quickly learning the ropes of representing that classic Giudice glamour. She’s an avid dancer and Teresa frequently shares photos and videos of her performances. She competed at a national competition this past summer, her mother proudly sharing a beautiful photo of how much she’s grown.

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