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The Most Popular TikTok Beauty Trends for 2023, Ranked

A woman with dewy makeup looking at a rare beauty blush

From coquette beauty to grunge makeup, TikTok is often at the forefront when it comes to what’s trending in the beauty space. With viral trend after viral trend, it can be hard to stay on top of what’s popular when it comes to all things makeup.

Luckily, Beauty Daily by Clarins analyzed a whole slew of hashtags revolving around popular emerging beauty trends and have figured out which ones are growing the fastest on TikTok.

Whether you’re a fan of clean beauty or you’re simply looking to revamp your makeup routine, you’re sure to find something new to try on this list. So, check out TikTok’s most popular emerging beauty trends of 2023 below.

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TikTok’s most viewed emerging beauty trends, ranked

A woman applying red lipstick in a mirror

1. Coquette beauty – 1.7 billion views

The most popular emerging beauty trend on TikTok in 2023 thus far is coquette beauty. This trend revolves around quintessential rosy cheeks, pink hues, red lips and doe eyes, finished off with a thick eyeliner that would rival the likes of Lana Del Rey. It’s a glamorous look that leans into the classic hyper-femme style with a bit of a modern twist (we’re thinking Hailey Bieber’s subtle pink cat-eye paired with an edgier leather jacket).

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A woman with micro bangs behind gold tinsel

2. Micro beauty – 1.1 billion views

The beauty world seems to be ready to embrace all things micro, whether it’s short manicures, tiny bangs or sleek bobs. Goodbye length, it’s micro beauty’s time to shine in 2023. In fact (as Beauty Daily highlights) on Valentine’s Day alone, short nail Pinterest searches spiked by 2,500 per cent – and it’s only natural that that’s also being reflected on TikTok.

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A woman with smudged eyeliner

3. 90’s grunge makeup – 974 million views

With the rise of marinated makeup in 2022, it should come as no surprise that nostalgic 90’s grunge makeup is once again making a resurgence. As Wednesdaycore takes over red carpets and runways, it’s time to break out your thickest smudged eyeliner and smokey eyes. Get ready to embrace your inner Gossip Girl-era Taylor Momson or Avril Lavigne.

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Drugstore makeup and brushes

4. Budget beauty – 920 million views

In the wake of inflation, a looming recession and the rising cost of living, TikTok users are on the hunt for affordable alternatives for their favourite beauty products. From refillable makeup to drugstore dupes, it looks like users are hoping to save money in the beauty space in 2023.

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a woman with a face mask on

5. Skincycling – 313 million views

If you haven’t heard of “skincycling,” the term was coined by New York City dermatologist Whitney Bowe, who recommends that, instead of applying the same skincare products all of the time, you give your skin some rest days. The idea is that it gives the ingredients in your favourite skincare products time to work. Plus, by strategically alternating products, you can get a more fully rounded skincare routine.

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A woman with eye masks on

6. Notox – 262 million views

TikTok users are straying from botox in 2023, hunting for alternatives that still firm up the skin without using injectables. Some of these techniques range from LED face masks to facial toning devices.

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A woman with dots of foundation on

7. Skinstreaming – 95 million views

Less is more in 2023. Skin minimalism – or “skinimalism” – is all the rage this year. Not only is this a response to rising costs of beauty products, but in general, many skincare lovers are looking to strip back their routines.

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A gen z woman with bright coloured makeup

8. Ugly beauty – 7 million views

The “ugly beauty” movement is one of the newer trends on this list, and it’s one you should definitely keep on your radar. From messy makeup to unconventional beauty looks, ugly beauty is all about dressing for the female gaze. Gen Zers are the leaders of this trend, as they look to embrace beauty for personal affirmation instead of for the male gaze.

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A woman putting on moisturizer in the mirror

9. Skinflooding – 2.7 million views

If you’ve stepped onto beauty TikTok for even a second over the last few months, you’ve likely run into the concept of “skinflooding,” which is when you add a deep level of moisture to your skin post-cleanser and pre-skincare routine. By adding more moisture to your routine, your skin will better absorb the products, ultimately making them more effective.

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