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13 Cute Hairstyles That We Predict Will Be Everywhere in 2023

A collage of Beyonce, Simona Tabasco and Jennifer Lopez
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New year, new… ‘do? The start of a new year is always a time for change, and if you’re gearing up to refresh your appearance, why not start than with a fresh, cute hairstyle?

Ready to test out a new style, but not sure where to start – especially since hair trends change ever-so rapidly. Luckily, we’re here for you with our predictions for the 2023 hair trends — from adorable cuts to unique hair colour trends — that will be ultra-popular in the coming year.

From Gemini hair to shaggy cuts to blunt bobs, 2023 will be all about making a statement. So, get ready to shake things up in 2023 with one of these cute hairstyles that you’re bound to see everywhere.

A woman with curly hair and a white blouse looking up at the sky in front of a blue background
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Disco curls

It looks like plenty of celebs are turning to ’70s-inspired disco curls in 2023, from Emily Ratajkowski to Cardi B to Khloé Kardashian. The bold new ‘do is all about embracing texture and volume, pairing a bouncy blowout with voluminous curls.

“The ‘disco curl’ trend is giving extra, over the top, and bold, and it’s so exciting as a hair dresser to see,” celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa tells Glamour. “We’re seeing such a large contrast between this style and tamer, sleek trends.”

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a cub cut wig
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The cub cut

It’s no question that bobs have been everywhere so far this year, but the “cub cut” is the latest take on the trend. The cub cut is like a cross between the bob and the wolf cut, making for a shaggier short-haired look.

“Think of it as a bob with seamless layers that give loads of poetic play to the hair,” celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook tells Pop Sugar. “You can customize the layers around the face depending on your face shape.”

This style works for all hair types, as it can be shaped to suit your face shape, whether you opt for curtain bangs or face-framing layers to accompany the shaggy look.


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Hailey Bieber with a curve cut
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The curve cut

Now that we’re a month into 2023, we’re seeing the curve cut everywhere. The soft new ‘do balances the texture of the iconic “Rachel” cut (think: Rachel from Friends), oval layers and the U Cut for a delicate version of layered hair. Essentially, the hair gently follows the cheek, chin and collarbone to frame your face, without letting the layers take over.

“It’s like the revival of The Rachel, but it’s much more soft and not as heavy on the face framing,” celebrity hairstylist and ColorWow international creative director Dom Seeley tells Glamour UK. “It gives a more rounded, balanced haircut that’s still fun to style and easy to do, but the hair has more intentional, rounded shapes and curves – instead of the ‘V’ cut where hair goes to a point.”

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The top of a person's head with half orange, half blonde hair
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Gemini hair

As anticipated by the ever-reliable Pinterest Predicts (for the past three years, 80 per cent of their report predictions came true), Geminis will thrive in 2023 with this two-toned hair – which involves mixing natural tones with bright colour pops. Even though it’s already been a trend for a while now, we predict that split-toned ‘dos will continue to take off this year.

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Priyanka Chopra Jones getting into a car
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Curtain bangs

We’ve already seen curtain bangs popping up left, right and centre with our favourite celebrities, and Glamour UK recently defined this look as “the moment.” We’re sure to see this beloved ‘70s-inspired hairstyle all over in 2023, as celebs have already started to don this relaxed, sweepable look. It’s essentially bangs-made-easy, with long, wispy fringe that can be swept to the side, front or even tucked behind your ears.

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Suki Waterhouse in a silver dress with a shaggy haircut
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Shaggy cuts

We also predict that another ’70s-inspired look is at the forefront in the coming months: choppy shags are groovier than ever. Often referred to as the “Farrah Fawcett flip,” this retro, shaggy look will be all the rage in 2023. Striking the perfect balance between “put together” and “I woke up like this,” the shag will give your look a delicately styled edge.

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Florence Pugh with a mixie hair cut
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The mixie

The mixie – AKA the mullet-pixie-cut hybrid – sits about two or three inches long near your neck, boasting choppy, textured layers for an edgy finish. Hairstylist Jamie Wiley tells Allure that this haircut will be trending “because of its mix of retro and modern vibes,” donning it “the ‘cool girl’ cut for 2023.”

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A woman looking at the camera with a sharp shoulder-length haircut

Sharp shoulders

While messier-looking shags will be popular for many in 2023, others will lean toward the cleanest look they can find – enter: the sharp shoulder-length cut. This futuristic style will align with one of the biggest fashion trends of 2023 (once again, highlighted by Pinterest Predicts): sci-fi fits. Dystopian, cyber-futuristic streetwear will be all the rage, and this galactic cut goes hand-in-hand.

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 Simona Tabasco attends "The Whale" red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 04, 2022 in Venice, Italy
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The blunt bob

The blunt bob will dominate 2023 (à la Lucia in The White Lotus) after this style came in hot on runways this year, as Allure highlights. With harsh, sharp ends, this cut is just one length and – because it doesn’t have any layers – it offers up an unmatched volume compared to other bobs.

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A woman in a yellow dress with a buzzed head lying in a shadow

The buzzcut

This year will be all about dramatic styles that offer up simplicity to your haircare routine, so whether you’re going for a tight, curly afro or a closely shaved buzz – hair is getting shorter… and shorter… and shorter in 2023. It’s time to keep your friends close, and your hair closer over the next year.

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Jennifer Lopez
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Butterfly cut

Similar to the octopus cut, this animal-themed hairstyle boasts long, feathery layers that offers up a low-maintenance, textured look. Using volumizing spray, you can home in on that carefully styled messy vibe like J. Lo, no matter your hair texture. A long-layered butterfly cut also serves as a perfect base for fresh takes on other ’90s hairstyles and updos, like the super-chic “Pammy Updo” inspired by the iconic Pamela Anderson.

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A woman looking at the camera with blonde and black hair and curly bangs

Curly bangs

Calling all curly queens – your time is now! In 2023, curly bangs will be all the rage (even though most of us are haunted by some sort of cursed curly bang experience in middle school). These coily tendrils will offer up a stylish way to frame your face – and, with the right product, they’re much less maintenance than you may think.

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Beyonce performing in a yellow body suit
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We’ve got a ‘70s resurgence with curtain bangs and shaggy cuts, and an ‘80s resurgence with curly fringe – but hairstyles from the ‘90s will also be back with bouncy, glossy blowouts. By homing in on your inner Cindy Crawford or channeling queen of the blowout, Beyoncé, you can give your cascading locks a sleek finish, as this glamourous style will be everywhere in 2023.

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