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Ranked: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Net Worth

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 Cast
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Salt Lake City may be freezing cold, but these Real Housewives have plenty of cash to keep them warm. Whether their wealth comes from inheritances, marriage, business ventures or fraud, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are living pretty comfortably.

Find out which Salt Lake City housewife has the highest net worth, based on their estimated net worth in USD according to CheatSheet.

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Meredith Marks
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Meredith Marks’ net worth: $1 million

Having once found success in real estate, Marks went on to start a high-end jewellery business that proved to be far more lucrative for her. Her jewellery is celeb-approved, with pieces worn by the likes of Charlize Theron and Rihanna.

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Heather Gay wearing sunglasses and a black dress
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Heather Gay’s net worth: $1.7 million

Heather married into a family that came from Mormon pioneers, which once gave her a sense of pride. Now, she’s re-thinking her religion and making a path of her own with Beauty Lab + Laser, a successful medical spa that’s given her independence and a renewed sense of self.

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Whitney Rose smiling and wearing a pearl necklace
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Whitney Rose’s net worth: $3 million

This Salt Lake City beauty is considered a rebel according to the Mormon faith, but her propensity to take risks is likely what helped amass her fortune. After divorcing her husband, she married her boss at the time and later launched her own skincare line, Iris + Beau, which she has since rebranded to be Wild Rose.

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Jen Shah at the RHOSLC season 1 reunion


Jen Shah’s net worth: $3 million

Jen Shah boasts a net worth of $3 million, but that may soon change as an ongoing court case takes a deeper look at her finances. Shah was arrested on camera by US federal agents for fraud and money laundering tied to her marketing business, allegedly scamming hundreds of victims for nearly a decade. 

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Lisa Barlow at the RHOSLC season 1 reunion

Lisa Barlow’s net worth: $5 million

Despite her Mormon religion frowning on alcohol consumption, Lisa Barlow is A-OK with profiting from it. The career-focused mother-of-two juggles her thriving tequila business, Vida, and marketing company, Luxe. Her bets have paid off, earning her a cool $5 million net worth, and landing her at the top end of this list. 

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