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Megan Fox Reveals Her Struggle With Body Dysmorphia

Megan Fox at the 2021 Met Gala
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While many people over the years have admired Megan Fox for her looks (remember when she was crowned the sexiest woman in the world back in 2008?), that hasn’t stopped the actress from having moments of self-doubt. Recently in a GQ Style cover story with BF Machine Gun Kelly, she revealed she’s not always as confident as some might assume.

“We may look at somebody and think, ‘That person’s so beautiful. Their life must be so easy,'” she said, adding: “They most likely don’t feel that way about themselves.”

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When questioned if that applies to her, she answered honestly, stating, “Yeah, I have body dysmorphia.” She also added, “I have a lot of deep insecurities.”


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Body dysmorphia or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is characterized by a “preoccupation with one or more perceived defects or flaws in appearance, which are unnoticeable to others,” according to the BDD Foundation.

As Fox pointed out in the interview, although she may look absolutely stunning to the public, it doesn’t mean she is immune to over-analyzing and criticizing her appearance. It’s a good reminder that celebrities are just like us, and everything isn’t always perfect for them either.

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She also opened up in the interview about being mistreated early in her career and how she has learned to move past it. “I did a lot of work to remove that feeling of being a victim and to realize that it was a lesson,” she said. “So there was purpose in it and I didn’t have to suffer anymore. It’s [made me grow] into a much more interesting human being than I would have been without that. So it allows you the space to have gratitude for something that previously you felt persecuted by.”

She added, “That’s the one thing in my life I did do a lot of work on, I do feel free from.”


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