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March Horoscopes: Predictions For Your Love Life and Career

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This month marks the start of spring — and Pisces season! Read on for your March 2022 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your career, love and social life this month from Astrology Detective.

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Aries horoscopes for March 2022

Hello, new friends

As March opens, your thoughts will be on establishing a friendship group based on reliability, loyalty and honesty, as well as weeding out all fair-weather pals who use and drain you. By the 6th, your social life revs up, bringing a multitude of invigorating, dynamic people into your swirl. If there is someone you have your eye on, it could morph into a lasting, long-term love, so don’t be shy about your intentions on the 28th. The 3rd is an excellent day for career, so schedule negotiations, pitches and interviews on this day. All these good vibes will cheer you up internally, filling you with hope and dreams for the future. Just be careful not to spend too much money while out on the town on the 19th and 22nd, or you could easily go over budget.

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Taurus horoscopes for March 2022

Work it

You are determined to advance in your profession, and the universe has your back. The 2nd is an excellent day to write out a business plan and set out an overall career strategy. By the 6th, you will be ready for action, brimming with confidence, energy and leadership skills, as well as a keen sense for negotiation, charm and diplomacy that will make you a hit with anyone you meet. The only thing standing in your way is a slight anxiety crisis on the 19th and 22nd, especially if you are put into a situation of conflict. But don’t worry; these energies soon pass. March is also a five-star period for networking and expanding your social circle. Seek creative, outside-the-box friends to inspire you and fuel your dreams.

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Gemini horoscopes for March 2022

Invest in yourself

The world will be opening up before you like a lotus flower. With the spectre of the pandemic finally and apparently receding into the past, you will be ready to explore the world and try new things, especially once the warmer weather starts to set in. Being spontaneous, curious and going outside your comfort zone may seem a strange and anxious endeavour at first, especially on the 19th and 22nd, but if you take baby steps, you will soon hit your stride. This is also an excellent month for finances and career. Take care of investments, loans and mortgages on the 3rd — your powerful, commanding presence will turn all negotiations in your favour. In your career, things couldn’t be better. After an extended period of confusion, the month’s sunny, creative vibes will create an idyllic atmosphere of enjoyment and harmony.

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Cancer horoscopes for March 2022

Make the love connection

After years of manipulations and power games, you will be able to establish a powerful love connection based off passion and tenderness on the 3rd. Couples will be able to reconnect, while those in a casual relationship may want to take things to the next level. From the 6th, try to work out things relating to joint finances; you will be able to do so efficiently and diplomatically, although there may be some disputes over how much to spend on social life. Don’t worry singles, there are lots of good things in store for you, too! The 3rd, 6th and 28th are excellent date nights, especially if you are seeking someone who is loyal and reliable. You may find a new sweetie while travelling or enter into a long-term romance. This is also an excellent month to expand your horizons by taking an art, photography or filmmaking course.

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Leo horoscopes for March 2022

Open your heart

You’ve been concentrating on working hard towards success for many years now, and all your efforts start to pay off around the 3rd, allowing things to unfold smoothly in the future without half as much tedious toiling. Now, it is time to put your career on the backburner and focus on love. March is filled with bounteous good times for both singles and couples. You will be able to achieve a balance of trust and reliability, along with sweet, courtly romance, allowing you to you lower your defensive barricades and let someone into your heart — and your arms — without putting up the false façade of bravado you often hide behind. Sudden work commitments may try to shift your attention back to your professional life on the 19th and 22nd, but try to take care of business as quickly as possible so you can get back to the gentler side of life.

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Virgo horoscopes for March 2022

Take down your emotional barriers

Your rational side often wins out when it comes to love, leaving your sweet, sentimental nature undercover and off the radar to potential suitors and existing partners. Luckily, lovers will be working overtime this month to bring an abundance of romance into your world, breaking down even your most overtly critical barriers. You will be able to dive into intoxicating affection and swim lazily about its warm, enveloping waters with no fear or effort on your part. For singles, the 3rd is one of the best date nights of the year, and you may even want to take things to the next level on the 13th, 21st or 23rd, which are also auspicious days for those already in a relationship to plan for the future. Life’s not all play, however, so make sure to take care of business on the 6th and 28th, when your charm and diplomacy will move mountains at the office.

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Libra horoscopes for March 2022

Prioritize date night

Saturn has slowly been making its way through your romance sector, snatching off your rose-coloured glasses. While this may, at times, make the art of love a rather mundane endeavour, it is also revealing to you that the best long-term relationships are founded on dependability and honesty, instead of wine and seduction. Whether you are single or in a couple, you can establish a rapport based on trust and decency if you put aside the 2nd, 6th and 28th as date nights. Your intuition will be spot-on when it comes to picking a partner and evaluating whether their aims are true. Fear of intimacy may hold you back from completely opening yourself up in a raw, vulnerable way on the 19th and 22nd, but go at your own pace and don’t allow yourself to feel rushed. The situation at work is equally positive and robust this March, especially if you work in a creative field.

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Scorpio horoscopes for March 2022

Reignite the romance

If things have been tense and unhappy around the home, you will have many opportunities this March to set things straight and transform your homestead into an oasis of calm, love and joy. Although tempers and hurt feelings may momentarily flare on the 19th and 22nd, you have the rest of the month to work out a peace agreement; logic and empathy will prevail over unhinged emotions. This is also a dreamy period for romance and dating. If single, you could meet a fairytale suitor to sweep you off into a happily ever after, so get out there and start looking. Those in a relationship can reignite the starry-eyed sentiments that brought you together. The best date nights for all are the 5th, 21st and 23rd.

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Sagittarius horoscopes for March 2022

Shine on

Negotiate contracts, wages and other economic terms on the 3rd, when your confidence and powers of persuasion are off the charts. For a while now, your communications have taken on a more taciturn, somber tone, and while there is nothing wrong with keeping things real, your usual peppy positivity has been lacking. That all changes from the 6th, when your usual infectious radiance returns. Although you may have to deal with some crossed words with colleagues on the 19th and 22nd, your charming, upbeat demeanour will quickly smooth things over. Things will be especially cheerful around the home this month, so make sure to invite friends and family over for socializing and catching up; it will be much more comfortable and festive than being out in a crowded restaurant or bar. If you are looking to move, the 5th, 13th and 23rd are excellent days to find your dream home.

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Capricorn horoscopes for March 2022

Know your worth

Your sense of personal power and leadership skills are at a lifetime peak during the first days of the month, giving you the confidence, charm and shrewdness necessary to negotiate contracts, increase your wages or look for a better paid position during the rest of March. Your income may have uncharacteristically tight in the past few months, but you will have a multitude of opportunities to change course if you get out and hustle. Don’t let these vibes go to waste; pennies don’t shower down from the heavens every day. Your communications skills will be there to assist you in hawking your skills and know-how. Reach out and network, as connections forged now could prove to be powerful allies in the future. While your economic situation is quite rosy this month, don’t blow your bank account wining, dining and romancing during the second half of the month.

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Aquarius horoscopes for March 2022

Get real(istic)

If you set about restructuring and organizing your life in the early days of March, you will be able to tap into your innermost dreams, which will serve as a wellspring of confidence and determination on the sometimes rocky road to success. While you are often drawn to the eccentric and quirky, Saturn’s transit through your sign has stripped away your usual offbeat approach to life, forcing you to act with greater wisdom, maturity and logic. A newfound realistic outlook is keeping you on the straight and narrow as you move towards your goals, and it is already starting to pay off. Your former idealistic attitude towards money is being replaced by a more calculated strategy, allowing you to up your income and gain important contracts throughout the month. This is an opportune moment to focus on increasing your earnings, especially on the 5th, 13th and 23rd. Don’t allow problems at home to shift your focus away from financial prosperity.

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Pisces horoscopes for March 2022

Embrace positive vibes

The love and emotional support you receive from tried-and-true friends will help increase your sense of confidence, empowering you to get out and make your dreams come true. If you need advice or allyship, seek it from your social group on the 3rd. From the 6th, you will experience a sense of inner renewal and rebirth. A heightened feeling of romance and dynamism is infusing the entire world around you — and inside you — bringing with it a much more positive attitude than you have had for quite a long time. You will be bursting with joy, empathy and creativity all March, becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration to everyone in your orbit. Overall, this is an excellent month for emotional wellbeing. You can make the world a better place by example, so allow your generosity and caring to pour forth unbridled into the universe.

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