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These Dating Trends are Going To Be Huge in 2022

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We’ve kicked off a whole new year and, with it, comes a new set of predictions and trends for dating. Whether you’re recently out of a relationship and looking to start dating again, or you’re putting yourself out there for the first time, keep an eye out for these trends as you cook up potential romances.

Dating expert Ipek Kucuk revealed several predictions via Global Dating Insights, and there’s pretty much something for everyone, regardless of what type of dater you consider yourself to be. If you’re looking to just have fun and keep things casual you’ll probably love the anti-adult trend, and if you’re starting over and reinventing yourself this year, reincar-dating might be for you. We break all the trends down for you.

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2022 dating trend: WanderLove

This trend involves travelling with someone new, romantically. This could be a road trip, heading to a different country or maybe even a staycation. Travel is a great way to get to know someone and deepen a bond, so if you’re curious about a special someone, it might be time to start planning your next adventure.

2022 dating trend: Time-travel romances

Kucuk says this trend is for people looking to speed up romance in order to settle down. “A lot of singles, especially those who are feeling the time pressures that society loads on, will be anxious about whether their time has passed when it comes to finding ‘the one,’” she says in a press release. “We will see a lot of quick couples; people who jump into new relationships and make some big commitments in those early days as they try to make up for ‘lost’ time over the past two pandemic-ridden years.”

2022 dating trend: Anti-adult romances

According to Kucuk, this trend is the name for singles who are embracing their wild side as they start dating around. People who are looking to have fun and be carefree when dating will likely be big fans of this trend as they seek out new connections for pleasure and entertainment.


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2022 dating trend: Reincar-dating

New year, new you — starting over and reinventing yourself when dating is set to be big this year. Kucuk says, “The New Year brings a chance for singles to take a step back, reset and be honest with what they’re looking for. We will see a new flow of daters who are taking the time to ‘reincar-date’ themselves!”

2022 dating trend: Here & Now-ers

If you’ve ever felt spontaneous when dating and followed your heart by living in the moment, this trend is for you. Single people who are focused on the now without chasing traditional milestones are set to be popular this year. These daters will likely enjoy each date as it happens, without worrying too much about checking boxes when it comes to relationships.

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