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Is 2022 the Year for Love? Canadian Singles are Optimistic About Dating: Study

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There’s no denying that the past few years have been tough in many ways, but it seems that there’s one area where Canadians can feel overwhelmingly positive for the year to come: love.

According to the Happiness Index in Canada 2022 — an annual report commissioned by eharmony and conducted by Harris Interactive — the majority of Canadians are hopeful and happy about their love lives, whether they’re single and dating or in an established romantic relationship. Below, we’ll explore a few of the highlights that make us feel the most optimistic about love, dating and relationships in 2022.

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In 2022, single Canadians are optimistic about dating

The fifth-annual eharmony study (which surveyed 3,000 participants aged 21 and older in December of 2021) offered some particularly positive insights for Canadian singles. Most notably? It found that the vast majority — 74 per cent — of single daters are feeling optimistic about dating.

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In 2022, Canadian daters know what they want

Another notable trend amongst Canadian singles? It seems that — perhaps now more than ever — daters know what they want, and how to ask for it

When comparing their lives now to pre-pandemic times, 71 per cent of daters surveyed said that they are more clear about what they want in a partner, and 51 per cent said that they now feel more comfortable when it comes to sharing their sexual likes and dislikes with partners. Feeling more comfortable communicating sexual desires to partners is especially positive now, as 34 per cent of single daters reported having a higher libido now than they did when the pandemic began.

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In 2022, Canadian daters know what type of partner they want

When it comes to the type of partner that daters in Canada are looking for in 2022, the report also offers some clues.

Support and a focus on growth appear to be key for Canadian daters right now — 75 per cent said that they’re more likely to date someone who supports their goals, and 63 per cent said that they’re more attracted to people who are taking on personal growth work (such as therapy). This makes sense in light of another survey finding — single daters are also interested in prioritizing self-care and mental wellbeing for themselves, with 33 per cent of single daters noting that they’re attending therapy or counselling.

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In 2022, most Canadian couples in relationships are happy, too

Not to be left out from the optimistic outlook, it seems that people in relationships are also feeling good vibes about their love lives — with the report finding that 70 per cent of Canadian couples are overwhelmingly happy in their relationships.

What turned up the happiness level for couples? According to the survey, those who actively spent time with their partners are even happier. Specifically, happiness levels rose to 80 per cent for couples who worked out with their partners, and to 82 per cent for those who made date nights a priority. Similarly, happiness levels also got a boost among people who took part in couples’ therapy, at 67 per cent.

So what’s driving this relationship bliss in 2022? While a myriad of factors may be in play, the report data suggests that having a partner to navigate through the unique challenges of the past year was likely a major comfort to many couples — 69 per cent agreed that having someone to be with had a positive affect on their lives, and 43 per cent agreed that their relationship had become stronger over the past year.

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