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July 2021 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career

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Read on for your July 2021 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your love life, social life and career this month from Astrology Detective. 

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Aries #SelfInfluencer

The only person you need to impress is yourself. Instead of merching your time, goodwill and generosity to aloof friends and demanding lovers, step back and work on creating a stable, steady income stream for yourself, and yourself only. No amount of acrobatic bending over backwards will succeed in winning over the stand-offish, emotionally cold people who are currently surrounding you. Luckily, Jupiter will be re-entering your friendship sector at the end of the month, giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded spirits who are warm, joyous, giving and much more on your wavelength The Gas Giant’s influence will last until the end of the year, so make sure to get out there and socialize!

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Taurus #EnoughIsEnough

You may have finally grown sick and tired of being everyone else’s rock. While your responsible demeanor is definitely one of your strong points, it can often seem like everyone else is slacking off and having fun, while you are left to pick up the pieces and do the grunt work. You have a vibrant, eccentric, punk-rock side, too, and, in July, you will be flying your freak flag high in the sky, both at work and at home. You may have to deal with anger or resentment from people who are disgruntled because you are no longer carrying their weight, but don’t get guilt-tripped into doing their duties. This is a time for freedom, exploration and new horizons. Enjoy yourself, try new things and break free from boundaries.

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Gemini #MadWorld

Your sign is one of the best for cutting through the nonsense in the society around us and communicating the ridiculous hypocrisy of it all to the world. If you think that Planet Earth has gone off its rocker in the past few years, you are not alone, but this month you feel an inner compulsion to finally start speaking your mind and making a change. The current trend towards cancel culture and the suppression of free speech is creating a chilling, plastic landscape of robotic, Stepford-like people who keep cheering on the madness so they can escape having the target placed on their back by authoritarian busy bodies. The universe is calling on all Geminis to unleash their inner wild child and witty sense of humor in order to bring some provocative fun back to an increasingly dull world.

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Cancer #CrabsGoneWild

You feel like busting loose and enjoying some summertime fun and frolic with friends — both old and new. You are in an extremely spontaneous frame of mind, which will eliminate any feelings of shyness or reticence, making you the life of the party. Throughout July, you have the ability to network with a wide swathe of interesting, out-of-the-ordinary people, who will blow gale-force winds of excitement into your social life. Go off the beaten path, and dare to extend the hand of friendship to people you find fascinating. Even if some turn you down, the ones that do reach out in reciprocity will be well worth it. Just be careful – don’t spend too much money on life’s hedonistic pursuits, or you could find yourself a bit in debt by the end of the month.

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Leo #HeatSeekingMissile

With Venus and Mars in your sign, you are bursting with passion, enthusiasm, and seductive charm. Your confidence is on overdrive and you will finally put a stop to controlling partners who have been trying to extinguish out your inner fire. You will no longer voluntarily keep your head down and maintain a low profile at work and in love, so that everyone else receives the accolades and control. Finally, you are standing up for your wants, needs and desires. If your love life has become increasingly brittle and joyless, things are about to change with the entry of bountiful Jupiter into your sign of committed partnership at the end of the month, where it will remain until the end of the year. You could make a powerful connection with a soul mate who is generous, uplifting and supportive, but you need to get out and put yourself on the market.

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Virgo #AcquittalFromSelfPunishment

You have a tendency towards masochism, by being the long-suffering nursemaid who spends their time and energy fueling other people’s dreams, while your own gather dust on the shelf. For this reason, you are the first person many friends, colleagues and family members turn to when they need a helping hand or someone to cure them of their troubles. This month, however, Mars and Venus in the house of your inner psyche are stirring up feelings of confidence, power and acceptance, so you can finally absolve yourself of feelings of guilt and self-punishment. For once, you will be able to say no to others and, instead, get out and simply enjoy yourself for a change. Do some spontaneous travel with no goals in mind. Don’t research your destination to death online in advance, but allow the world to unfold before your eyes in all its magical glory. 

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Libra #RomancingTheStone

There’s a difference between being responsible and being boring. In love, your desire for the former could be leading you to the latter. You may be mistakenly falling into the arms of controlling, emotionally cold partners. While their iron grip most certainly offers support, it is also highly suffocating. Luckily, your social life is ablaze with warm, caring, fun-loving friends. However, the more time you spend in their energizing company, the more your lover will seethe with resentment and try to isolate you from the good vibes in your life. It is time for you to stand up and side with those who really bring positivity and caring into your world. If you do, you may actually be creating the right conditions for someone who is truly sympathetic and loving into your life, thanks to good-hearted Jupiter moving into your zone of romantic possibility at the end of the month and staying until the end of the year.

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Scorpio #BunkerDown

A capricious romantic partner is certainly keeping you on your toes these days by consuming all your time and attention. For this reason, it is important to carve out a place of refuge in your home, somewhere you can go to enjoy a bit of calm and quiet solitude, as well as replenish your inner reserves. If you live with your lover, this may be harder to accomplish, but there is no harm locking yourself away in the bathroom for a few hours for a relaxing spa afternoon or evening. Things are still moving full-speed ahead on the work front. You are filled with confidence, ambition and charm — the perfect combination to shoot up the ladder at warp speed. Do not let your love partner’s drama-filled personality cause you to lose focus on your career, as these vibes are at their peak this month.

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Sagittarius #HitTheRoad

You may be struggling to keep up with the non-stop stress and ever-changing conditions of your daily life. More than ever, you need to hit pause and go on a spontaneous, life-enhancing holiday. While you be overcome with feelings of anxiety about a pile-up duties waiting for you when you get back, cutting free will actually renew your energy levels so you can tackle almost anything by the end of the month. Travel will also bring new opportunities for romance into your world, either with an existing sweetie or with someone new you meet out on the road. If you can’t take time off for a big adventure, a weekend getaway or two could bring a major boost of excitement and adventure — the more spontaneous and unplanned the better.

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Capricorn #MasterCard

While your earnings may be limited at the moment, there are no such restrictions when it comes to credit. The sky’s the limit this month for spending with a card or taking out a loan. You may want to think twice, however, before asking a lover to spot you some cash, or you may end up ensnarled in their purse strings. Instead of helping you out of a bind, they could be setting up a financial trap to gain the upper hand in the relationship. In any case, you will be on a bit of a spending binge, pampering yourself with things you really can’t afford as a type of retail therapy. Luckily for you, moneybags Jupiter will be entering your income sector at the end of the month, bringing with it a myriad of opportunities to improve your wages until the end of year.

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Aquarius #RunningHotAndCold

You can sometimes have too much of a good thing. An overabundance of drama in your love life could be wearing you down and forcing you to shut off emotionally. By nature, you are an easy-going, laid-back sign who tends to be rather chill in romantic relationships. However, your lover this month will be keeping it at a 100. In turn, they will be passionate, loving, angry, considerate, jealous, needy, and the list goes on. However, instead of making you drool with desire, you will be slightly turned off by the overblown spectacle of it all. Luckily, by the end of the month, you have the chance to meet a happy-go-lucky prospect, whose easy-going allure is nourishing instead of thirsty. So get out and be on the lookout.

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Pisces #UpToTheTask

Even though you are feeling quite run down and tired all month, friends and work associates will be turning to you for support and assistance. Luckily, you can put on a brave face. You will be able to overcome feelings of exhaustion and tackle all the work tasks and emotional nurturing that is piling up around you. While you may feel temporarily drained, no one will ever know, know because you are exuding caring, generosity and upbeat joy to anyone who comes into contact with you. Luckily, at the end of the month things calm down considerably so you can turn your full attention to love and romance. Moreover, Jupiter will be entering the sector of your inner psyche in the closing days of July for an extended stay until the end of the year, leaving you feel inspired, energized and feeling like new.

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