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10 Best Pieces of Dating Advice From TikTok

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Taking advice about our love lives can be hard: our friends need a break from counselling us on our breakups over and over, and our moms are tired of dishing out wisdom that we sometimes (OK, almost always) ignore. Leave it to TikTok to hit us with some key relationship advice, some of which will make you laugh and some that will hit you right in the feels. Regardless of whether you’ve been seeing someone for awhile or if you’re currently looking for love, these TikToks are applicable to anyone regardless of your sexual orientation and who you’re dating. Dig into this funny and relatable advice!

1. Don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t care

A simple, but key piece of wisdom: why are you obsessing over someone who doesn’t feel the same? @Kennethpabon lays out the facts in style.

@kennethpabontag someone who needs to hear this @pattyheg♬ original sound – Sydney ✨

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2. Sometimes the person we want doesn’t deserve us

A hard truth to face, but @maliaschmalleger is right! Don’t chase someone who isn’t good for you, no matter how much you like them.

@maliaschmalleger#dating #relationshipadvice #life♬ original sound – Maliahope

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3. Some key words that work

If you’re seeing someone new and want them to like you, this simple phrase could be the key to locking them down. @samiamrosenberg has us cracking up with this tip.

@samiamrosenberg♬ original sound – asamr

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4. Compartmentalize your dating life

This is golden advice from a dating coach who knows what’s up when it comes to figuring out your priorities when dating. Not sure how to balance your friends and work with your love life? @michele_emerald has got your back.

@michele_emeraldMy coaching methods will rapidly find the places you’re stuck and help you move forward with confidence! #datingcoach #datingadvice♬ original sound – Michele Emerald | Dating Coach

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5. Some red flags to watch out for

These apply to anyone, not just men and we’re laughing so hard. Keep an eye out for @masunbaby’s things to be weary of when seeing someone new (the deodorant bit is sending us!)

@maysunbabyWeirdly specific red flags in men #fyp #foryoupage♬ original sound – maysun

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6. Do NOT Super Like on Tinder

The pressure of a smokin’ person super liking you is too much! @mattpemberton has us laughing with this tidbit on hotness.

@mattpembertonI don’t care how hot you are please refrain from super liking ……..♬ original sound – Matthew Pemberton

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7. Small talk isn’t about the questions

Whether on dating apps on in real life, this advice from dating coach @findingmrheight about how to measure the effort you’re putting into small talk still applies. Not everyone is going to make perfect conversation.

@findingmrheightReply to @lauracee3333 maybe you just aren’t vibing as conversation partners, and that’s okay! #datingappadvice #datingapps #datingcoach♬ original sound – Ali – Dating Coach

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8. Advice your younger self needs to hear

@ebonie_qt is right about all these nuggets, particularly her thoughts on being selective and knowing who you are. Do not base your self-worth on someone else!

@ebonie_qt#stitch with @conyeyxoxo here’s my advice❤️ #HoldMyMilk #dating #relationship♬ original sound – Cindy Noir✨

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9. Moms just know

So much wisdom from @malibu_mel for those of us going through heartbreak. You can care about your boo while still remembering to look out for yourself.

@malibu__melWhat do y’all think about her advice? #relationshipadvice #selflove♬ original sound – Mel Matias R.🌹

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10. What you could do to attract someone

The spirit of Mamma Mia has entered the chat thanks to @ieucooke’s description of this dreamy Italian scenario.

@ieucookei want a summer AFFAIR WITH A HOT ITALIAN MAN #foryou #cc #JDPassItOn #romance #summeroflove #marryme♬ original sound – ieu

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