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I Tried Taurah’s All-Natural Yoga Mat Cleanser, and This is Why I Love it

taurah yoga mat cleanser

While I’ve always tried to stay active, the pandemic forced me to swap my usual in-person classes for virtual sessions (Yoga With Adriene is my favourite, as well as some high-intensity interval training routines HIIT for short). 

The great thing is that both of these don’t require a lot of equipment, save a yoga mat, some resistance bands and free weights. The habit helped introduce some structure to my work-from-home routine

During these past 12+ pandemic months, I’ve certainly gotten my sweat on at least a few times a week, but I’m guilty of not always paying much thought into cleaning my mat on a regular basis. After all, bacteria, viruses and other nasties can build up over time; according to Taurah’s website, “every cubic centimetre of your mat has up to 100,000 bacteria AND this multiplies every single day you don’t clean your mat!” Yikes. 

So, I’ve now worked a cleanser spray into my routine to disinfect my mat and weights, after every workout. 

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Taurah wellness essentials kit
Taurah Essentials Set$65

Taurah All-Natural Cleanser: The pros

Taurah offers all-natural cleansing and misting options that invite a little more Zen into your at-home practice (or elsewhere). When in-person classes resume, I can also see myself bringing the cleanser spray bottle with me; it’s light, compact and simple to use. You just spray your mat, wipe it down and leave it to air dry before rolling it up. 

Cofounded by BFFs Jessica (a Taurus) and Rhae (a Libra), Taurah’s products are locally-made and definitely have a small-batch, personalized feel. The cleanser lists distilled water, witch hazel, and an essential oil blend of lemongrass, thyme, rosemary, wild orange, grapefruit and bergamot. No synthetic ingredients here, and products are alcohol-free. 

The scent is also light and refreshing, and adds to the overall experience (as do the Cooling and Calming mists, which I use to feel refreshed at the end of the workout). 


The trio actually came in a convenient little pouch. 

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Taurah trio of mists

Taurah All-Natural Cleanser and Mists: Lessons learned

These wellness essentials are proof that through a few simple, but intentional additions to my practice, I can take something that’s routine (and let’s face it sometimes a plain drag), and turn it into a pleasurable moment of me-time and self-care. 

Such moments need not be complex, only intentional. 

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