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Working From Home: Creating a Daily Routine to Boost Your Mood and Productivity

Working from home can be a gift and a curse. You’re confined to a box for weeks on end like a musty, forgotten pet hamster — but you’re still expected to run your ass off in that hamster wheel? Without the depressing commute, annoying back-to-back meetings and interruptive coworker drive-bys — how is anyone expected to get anything done?
Sarcasm aside, many people find working from home difficult. Getting through your workday with only the sporadic conference call to timestamp your existence can be totally disorienting. Without some kind of schedule to follow, many people are unable to start and stop tasks, prioritize projects, and are left feeling unproductive and guilty come 5PM. On top of that, all of this discombobulation is underlined by an anxiety about what is going on in the world. So, in the interest of your mental health, here are some ways to add structure to your work from home day to help you feel happy, healthy, productive — and more in control of your time.

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