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Apartment Tour: This Toronto Loft is All About Fresh Starts, Comfort and Lots of Light

Andreya Klobucar and cat at home
Andreya Klobucar

Being a creative often comes down to taking a blank state and transforming it into an expression that can be felt, experienced and enjoyed. While the medium may change, that spirit often can’t be contained, and spills into other spaces in the creator’s world. 

That’s what we see when we look at the dreamy, cozy vibes of photographer and editor Andreya Klobucar’s Toronto loft.

From the wall of windows to the inky spiral staircase, Andreya’s loft is a mix of old (many of her home decor pieces are acquired second-hand via Facebook Marketplace, Value Village or her nonna) and new (read: the living room’s cloud-like couch); practical (like her home workspace) and whimsical (see: the charming faux porthole above her bed). The result? A downtown apartment that’s an inviting space for living, working and all the moments in between.

Tour Andreya’s (AKA @andreyaklobucar) loft via’s TikTok below and then read on for all the details.

@slicedotca The vibes of this apartment? Immaculate ✨☁️ @andreyaklobucar #torontoapartmenttour #interiordesign #torontolife #aestheticapartment ♬ original sound – Slice

Location: The east end of downtown Toronto

Size: Approximately 1,200 square feet

Building age: Around 20-30 years old

Time lived in: Since April 2021

Capturing the moments in between

As you can see, the vibes in Andreya’s apartment balance dreamy comfort and practicality — which aligns well with her work in creative spaces. 

In her day job, Andreya wears multiple hats. “I do a lot of work in social media, art direction, content creation and influencer marketing,” she tells us. Additionally, she is also the editor at Mimp Magazine, or mimp. 

Andreya started mimp. in 2016 when she was in grade 11 as a way for her and her friends to build up their portfolio — and it has flourished. “It’s grown into something that I’ve become so proud of,” she explains. “We just released our latest 200-page print volume, ‘Cycles.’” 

As a photographer, Andreya dives into her expression. “I’m extremely passionate about capturing in-between moments with my camera,” she says. “I go somewhere, on some alternate plane of reality, when I get in the zone creating images — it’s kind of like how I always felt performing on a stage when I was younger. I similarly love to lose myself in the pages of a fantasy novel when I have the time (usually on the streetcar). This year I had the opportunity to travel a lot and I hope to continue my adventures.”


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Andreya Klobucar in white living room
Andreya Klobucar

Finding the right space in a tough market

While she has lived in the loft for about a year and a half, finding the space took some time.

“I had done a lot of research into loft buildings in Toronto because I was hoping to find a space that I could live and work in,” Andreya explains. “There aren’t many these days, and they are no longer the affordable flex spaces they used to be, so it is quite the challenge, as not many come up for rent often.”

Working with realtor Devon Cooperband, Andreya came across her space with a little luck.

“I was originally going to take a look at another unit in another building, but as I was making my way downtown, Devon messaged me that the unit had been leased,” Andreya says. 

When her realtor suggested she check out the loft unit that is now her home, Andreya initially hesitated, but was pleasantly surprised. “When I walked in I was blown away! I realized later that I had put an image of a similar unit in that very building on my vision board.”

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A black cat on a white couch
Andreya Klobucar

Embracing the beauty of fresh starts

While she doesn’t necessarily follow any one home decor or design style, she takes a more modular approach and draws inspiration from the pieces that she finds and loves.

I really lean into the blank slate I was given and do what I can to celebrate my wall of windows and all of my natural light,” Andreya says. “I think this apartment for me was, and continues to be, all about fresh starts. Even in the past when I’ve only had a bedroom to work with, I had a habit of changing up my space every few months.”

Embracing that spirit of change and creativity, Andreya plays with her home design to find what feels right. “I’ve done a ton of experimenting with pieces that come and go (I’ve had four different couches in this space already — two at the same time at one point),” she says.

“I still feel like I haven’t quite mastered the home-y feel that I’m looking for but I’m getting close. As an extremely messy person, I am very particular about the items I bring into my space to help reduce clutter, but I’ll admit I still manage to make a mess.”

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Andreya Klobucar and cat in living room
Andreya Klobucar

A light-filled living space

In the main living area, a bright, dreamy atmosphere is enhanced via one of the loft’s most stunning features: the natural light. 

“I created my living space near the windows because I’m someone who needs to be in daylight when I’m living and working,” she tells us.

Drenched in this light, Andreya’s current couch — a modular design from the brand Kömfi — is spacious in both style and size.


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Large cozy white couch with black cat
Andreya Klobucar

“This couch is my pride and joy,” Andreya says. “It really transformed my space from my last couch and was just the touch I needed to make my apartment really feel like me. Sometimes I sleep on it instead of my bed.”

How practical is a large white couch? For Andreya, choosing a design with some built-in protective features goes a long way. “It’s spill- and pet hair-resistant, which is a bonus for me. Everyone thought I was crazy for getting a white couch, but I’m not risking it all like they think.”

Aside from the couch, a few thrifted pieces round out the space. The white side table, for example, is a find from Value Village that was customized to suit her space. “It was originally maroon and my mom sourced it for me as a gift and painted it white,” Andreya explains. “She has a great eye for these things.”

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A black chair
Andreya Klobucar

Similarly, an eye-catching black chair — found on Facebook Marketplace — gives a pop of contrast.

Overall, however, Andreya keeps the main space open, neutral and uncluttered for a reason.

“As I use the space as a studio for my work, I’ve been hesitant to put art on the walls or obstruct open areas, but I think I’m going to move forward with adding more homey touches of items that have a story. It was my hope to have a space that my friends would really want to come over and hang out.”

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A stack of books on the floor
Andreya Klobucar

Books on books on books

While there may not be an excess of wall art in the photographer’s space, small stacks of books throughout the home are a recurring theme that add style while respecting the modular, ever-changing feel of the apartment.

“I love collecting books, even more than I love reading,” she says. “I think they make great makeshift coffee tables and add a bit of homey-ness to the space. There’s something so comforting and nostalgic about being surrounded by stacks of books.”

How does she curate each stack? Andreya has a system. “I like to put the books I’m currently reading or hope to read in stacks close to my bed, and my favourite books out in the open in the hopes that someone will ask me about them.”

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A black cat on a white couch
Andreya Klobucar

The purr-fect balance

Andreya’s loft is also home to a furry pal — her black cat.

“His name is Kylo Ren, and he is my best friend and worst enemy,” she says. “I’m a bit allergic to him, so when he decides to sleep with me, I wake up sneezing. When you live in a loft with no doors it’s a bit hard to have any privacy.”

“This is his first home, as I got him as a kitten in March of 2021. There are a lot of really sweet nooks and levels that already exist within the space that he likes to climb and sit on/in. He loves our new Kömfi couch and spends most of his days either curled up in a ball or in his cat bed.”

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A view of a light-filled workspace in a loft
Andreya Klobucar

Spaces to work

Embodying the live/work nature of the loft, Andreya created a work-from-home space near the wall of windows — though its location is not set in stone.

“Right now, the little room under my loft is supposed to be used as my office, but with my magazine and other items, it has become a bit of a storage space for now,” she explains. “I like to work in a different spot every day, so it’s important for me to have flexible workspace areas.”

To this end, Andreya chose a multifunctional desk that’s on wheels. “I move it almost every day. I have two of these desks, and they are the best purchase I have ever made, as I can move my workspace wherever I feel,” she says. “They also transform from work to entertaining in no time as they also serve as my dinner tables.”

Underfoot, a patterned area rug — a gift from Andreya’s nonna — brings a pop of colour and comfort. 

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A black spiral staircase
Andreya Klobucar

The joys and challenges of loft living

Andreya chose to set up her bedroom in the upper space of the loft to create a cozy escape. “I just wanted my bedroom to be up and away from everything — I like being a lil princess in her tower,” she explains.

“As my living space is also my workspace, it is the one area that is fully separate. I try not to have any tech up there and just go up to sleep. I am actually such a heavy sleeper, so I don’t mind the sun peaking over the half wall. Having that elevated platform also allows me to light the space in cool ways at night.”

One of the most show-stopping features of the loft is the curvaceous black spiral staircase that leads up to the bedroom space which, while stylish, can have some drawbacks. 


“It’s definitely hard to get things up my spiral staircase to put in my bedroom, but I can ask someone for help if I need,” she says. 

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Cozy white bed with faux-porthole on wall
Andreya Klobucar

A place for living

At the end of the day, the place we call home serves as the foundation for the season of life that we’re experiencing. Indeed, for Andreya, it seems that the loft is more than just a place to sleep and work.

“This apartment brought me so many amazing moments, memories and opportunities,” Andreya shares. “I’ve met so many wonderful new friends and hosted gatherings of my wildest dreams.”

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