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Harry Styles and Jungkook are the Most Dreamt-About Celebs: Study

Harry Styles performing
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Maybe it’s because his catchy new single “As It Was” is everywhere right now, or because he’s one of the many stars to read bedtime stories on the Calm app, but it’s no surprise that many people are dreaming about Harry Styles these days. While dreaming about celebrities isn’t uncommon, it turns out some are more popular than others.

Online luxury bed linen retailer Secret Linen Store turned to Twitter data to find out which celebs were most often dreamt about, and discovered that tons of fans on the platform shared their dreams about their favourite stars. Secret Linen analyzed the number of tweets with the phrase “dream about [celebrity]” looking at 30 famous current celebs. Tweets were counted from the past 12 months, with Harry Styles topping the list, followed closely by BTS‘ Jungkook, and then none other than Drake in the third spot.

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These are the 10 most dreamt-about celebrities

  1. Harry Styles – 799 tweets
  2. Jungkook – 404 tweets
  3. Drake – 275 tweets
  4. Taylor Swift – 274 tweets
  5. Timothee Chalamet – 226 tweets
  6. Tom Holland – 212 tweets
  7. Zendaya – 205 tweets
  8. Robert Pattinson – 150 tweets
  9. Jack Harlow – 140 tweets
  10. Kim Kardashian – 109 tweets

Tom Holland and Zendaya at the No Way Home premiere
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Only three famous women made the list, with Taylor Swift being the most dreamt-about woman, followed by Zendaya and Kim Kardashian. Zendaya’s beau Tom Holland was slightly more dreamt about than her, coming in sixth place, while she snagged the seventh spot. Sadly for Kim Kardashian, her BF Pete Davidson didn’t make the list.

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Molly Freshwater, co-founder of Secret Linen Store, said that the “Watermelon Sugar” singer topping the list wasn’t too much of a shock: “Seeing that Harry Styles is very much the man of the moment, we weren’t too surprised to find out he was the most [dreamt-about] celebrity,” she said.

“However, it was certainly interesting to see which other famous faces are appearing most in our dreams,” she added. “Although we can’t guarantee a night of Harry Styles-filled dreams, we do recommend making a few bedtime changes to ensure you have the best possible environment for dreaming. Make sure to change up your bedding as the temperatures change (linen for when it’s warm and brushed cotton for the colder nights), use a pillow spray with lavender or eucalyptus scents and try to reduce your screen time before you hit the hay.”


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