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Scientifically, Harry Styles is the Most Polite Musician

Harry Styles attends the 2021 brit Awards
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We all know Harry Styles is a super well-mannered, wholesome person. Over the years, he’s fed a fan’s goldfish, donated his hair to cancer and showed up as an ally for both the Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBTQ+ community. He truly lives and breathes by his motto (and catchy song) “Treat People With Kindness.” With all that going on, it really doesn’t come as a huge surprise that he’s also one of the musicians who swears the least.

According to a new study by All Home Connections, out of all the most popular musicians of the year Styles used the fewest number of swear words in his music. The study looked at the top 200 songs on Spotify to find out who the top artists were, removing those who repeated on the list more than once. Then they used Genius to analyze the artists’ lyrics and see which curse words appeared the most frequently. Finally, they compared the word count and the number of curse words to calculate the percentage of swear words in each artist’s lyrics.

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After analyzing a whopping 1,091,844 words within song lyrics, they found the former One Direction singer didn’t even swear once in any of his six tracks that appeared in the top 200. We stan a polite king!

It should also be noted that the tracks were from his latest album, Fine Line, which is still super popular despite being released in late 2019. We absolutely love to see it.

Aside from Styles, other popular musicians who ranked high for not swearing included Taylor Swift, with 150 swear words, Justin Bieber, with 172 expletives, and Ariana Grande, with 273 curses. On the flip side, the musician who swore the most was rapper DaBaby, with 2,912 curse words, followed by Megan Thee Stallion who had 2,377 swear words, and Juice WRLD with 1,761 curses in his raps.

So, the next time you have a family gathering and you’re looking for some PG tunes that are safe to play for Grandma, Harry Styles has got you covered.


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