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Which Countries Do Canadians ‘Like’ the Most? A New Poll Offers Answers

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With summer 2023 on the horizon, we know it’s been difficult narrowing down which country to visit this year. Do you base it on the parties? The sunshine? The endless amount of food? Which countries you just “like” the most?

As CTV News reports, a recent poll conducted by Research Co. wanted to find out which countries are viewed most positively by Canadians — some may surprise you, but most won’t. We took a look at the poll results for insight into just where Canadians may like to travel, based on how positively they viewed the countries.

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According to the poll of 1,000 adults in Canada, the country that Canadians hold the most “positive” views towards is the UK, with 74 per cent of respondents saying they would like to live, laugh, love with the new King of England (half joking). Coming in second was Italy, with 71 per cent of Canadians saying they would like to find out if Fettucini is actually Italian (also half joking). 

Some of the remaining top contendenders included France, Germany and Japan – all typical travel destinations for the average Canadian. Canadians polled also showed positive views towards South Korea, Mexico and India with above-average approval ratings, which suggests to us that these destinations might be worth spending some extra coin and taking a visit to. 

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In part, the survey also collected the opinions of what countries Canadians held more negative views towards right now. Some of those included Russia, North Korea, China and Iran with low approval ratings from the year prior. 

If you’re wondering where the United States ended up, you’ll be satisfied to know it was in the middle of the pack – neither enthused nor impressed by Canadians – seems about right. 

To read the whole study, check it out here.


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