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The Top 5 Best Districts for Shopping in Tokyo


Tokyo is home to some of the most exciting shopping in the world. Japan’s capital is filled with trendy and unique shopping areas that will leave you wanting more. From the whimsical colourful boutiques in Harajuku to the high-end designer shops in Ginza, you’ll need to prepare your wallets for all the potential sweet buys. There are endless areas to shop in Tokyo but these are my top five best districts that you must visit during your trip.

Harajuku: Where teen fashion reigns

The colourful street known as Takeshita is located in Harajuku and is one of the busiest shopping streets in Tokyo. It has everything from the trendy and fashionable stores, to a dog cafe filled with corgis and gigantic rainbow cotton candy on a stick.

Shinjuku: Come for the train station, stay for the shopping

Getting to Shinjuku is easy because of its accessible train station, which is one of the busiest in the world. Once arriving in this area you won’t be able to miss the breathtaking skyline lit up by LCD screens like Times Square. There are endless amounts of stores here with everything from fashion stores, cosmetics and electronics. This area is best known for mid-end stores with stores you might even recognize, like Uniqulo.

Shibuya: Make the crossing for designer fashion

You have to come to Shibuya to visit the famous crossing of the same name. The attraction can have up to 2500 people crossing the street at one time during peak hours. Second-hand designer shops are in abundance in Tokyo — Ragtag and Shibuya are two to put on your radar. This district is known for its many shopping malls, like Shibuya 109 — a stylish shopping mall with ten mini-shops to get your designer fix.

Ginza: Luxury shopping at its finest

If the names Louis Vuitton and Dior get you excited, well then Ginza might be the place for you. Ginza is so well-known for its high-end luxury shopping that on weekends a street called Chuo Dori is closed down for people to freely walk through. Lined with large department stores and boutiques, Ginza is a must-visit shopping centre boasting 240 stores.

Omotesando: People watching between transactions

Omotesando is a district known for not only its luxury goods, but its architecture which is described some of the best “human-scale” architecture in the world. If you don’t have the cash to drop on designer finds, you can still enjoy the area by wandering the streets and snapping pics. Before you leave, you’ll want to see The Escape Gallery on the top floor of the Louis Vuitton building that features contemporary art with regularly changing displays — all free of charge. Now that you know what districts to see and what they’re known for, there’s no need to be intimidated by the abundance of shopping in Tokyo. There’s lots to see and do, so get out your Google Maps and hit the road.

Laura Reid for Slice

Laura Reid blends both information and entertainment into humorous skit videos to provide people with solutions to everyday problems. Her Youtube videos often follow her around the world as she travels to different countries. Find her on Instagram @laurareidd.

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