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20 Celebrities Who are Embracing Aging Gracefully

Hollywood could benefit from a time out to think long and hard about what it’s done wrong when it comes to empowering women. After all, ageism in Tinseltown is a tale older than the woman it continues to shun year after year. Even today, women in the television and film industry would be hard-pressed to avoid conversations about aging in front of a camera. Why? Because legend has it that women in Hollywood are past their prime as they approach their 40s, a stigma that’s followed actors around for longer than anyone would like to admit.

But, let’s face it — so many celebrities look better with age, and they come with years of experience balancing the unreasonable expectations the entertainment industry continues to promote. With that in mind, we’re celebrating the wisdom on aging from some of Hollywood’s most beloved women — regardless of the unreasonable standards they have become accustomed to dismantling.

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