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Canada’s Richest People: 20 of the Richest Families in Canada

In April 2021, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a report stating that Canada’s richest only got richer since the Covid-19 pandemic started. In fact, Canadian billionaire wealth went up by $78 billion one year into the pandemic. While no similar report has been released recently, WEALTH-X shared some insights in September 2021, analyzing the status of the world’s billionaires and this includes Canada’s wealthiest percentile. For starters, the number of billionaires in Canada has reached 53, according to the report, with a combined wealth of US$100 billion, growing by 15 (or 4.5 per cent). While overall, today’s billionaires are younger than the billionaires of yesteryear, there are some legacy family institutions that continue to hold immense wealth in this country. But who exactly are some of these billionaire family empires? Here are 20 families you should make note of.

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