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The 10 Richest Former Olympians in 2022, Based on Net Worth

Winning gold at the Olympics is arguably every elite athlete’s dream. It’s not about the money, though: Olympic medalists do not win any prize money from the International Olympic Committee, though many individual home countries offer incentives. In Canada, for example, the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Athlete Excellence Fund rewards our athletes with performance awards of $20,000 (gold), $15,000 (silver) and $10,000 (bronze) for winning Olympic medals.

With that said, money and athletics still tend to go hand and hand — even for Olympians. We often hear stories of the sacrifices some athletes have to make in order to afford just going to the Olympics. Still, there are also plenty of Olympians who never have to worry about money. Some were already rich when they participated at the Olympics; others got rich afterwards.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 of the richest former Olympians alive today, based on their estimated net worth (in US dollars). While most earned their fortunes outside of their Olympic performance, they all participated as athletes at an Olympic Games.

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