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The Worst Cities in Canada for Dating

You might have experienced it anecdotally, or heard about it through friends, but some Canadian cities feel down right like desert land when it comes to the dating pool. While it’s hard to quantify just what can make a city the worst for dating, according to the 2016 Census, it turns out there is something to this notion: Some cities are indeed demographically stacked against some singles. 

Keep in mind however, the picture below is quite limited in depicting what the dating pool looks like, and assumes pretty boldly that all single people between the ages 20 to 60 are looking to hook up with others singles of the opposite sex between the same ages. 

We know already this isn’t always the case, but if you are a single straight female aged 20 to 60, here are the Canadian cities where the ratio of single women to men is least equal, and skews heavily in favour of the men. While this doesn’t give us the full picture on the worst cities to date, it tells us where it may be more challenging to find a partner of the opposite sex, based on numbers alone. 

And if you’re wondering where the best chances of you finding a male partner are, then Petawawa, Ontario is for you; there are almost twice as many single males to females (and that’s assuming you’re up for dating army).

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