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The 10 Best Cities for ENM Relationships

Ethically non-monogamous (ENM for short) relationships are on the rise. For those not in the know, ethical non-monogamy is the practice of romantic relationships that are consensually non-exclusive. According to Tinder, Canadian users with the term “polyamorous” or “non-monogamous” in their profiles has increased 20 and 30 per cent respectively since 2021. It’s not the only app seeing a rise in non-monog dating — Bumble reports that 1 in 10 of their Canadian users had the word “polyamorous” on their profile.

With interest is rising, we’re rounding up our picks for the best cities for ENM folks to explore dating — with their primary partners and beyond. While we haven’t nailed down the science, these cities have made our list because they have good-sized dating pools and open-minded inhabitants (read: those that skew more left-leaning politically, with lots of young creatives). Read on for the top destinations for ENM daters around the world.

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