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Athens Adventure: What a Toronto Woman Spent in a Day as a Tourist in Greece

A woman stands in a green dress in front of pillars in Greece
Catherine Goncalves

For many of us, the wanderlust is real right now. If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to one of the world’s oldest cities, we’ve got you covered with some serious inspiration.

As she shared on’s TikTok, Toronto creator Catherine (AKA @catherineegoncalves) packed plenty of unforgettable experiences into a recent trip to Athens, Greece. Watch the TikTok below, and read on to see what Catherine and her companion spent on a dreamy day in Athens.

@slicedotca doin’ it all in a day like a pro 🇬🇷#whatispendinaday #athens #greece ♬ Summer day – TimTaj

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A plate of breakfast with Athens in the background
Catherine Goncalves

Hotel and breakfast: €170 (approx. $221 CAD) per night

Accommodations are often one of the biggest expenses when you’re travelling, and this was the case with Catherine, too. More than just a place to rest, the A for Athens hotel included breakfast (saving the expense of going out for breakfast to fuel up for the day) and incredible views (basically: priceless).

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Private tour Airbnb experience: €80 (approx. $104 CAD)

For the morning, Catherine chose a creative and cool way to explore Athens in a condensed time period: a tour of the city cruising in a forest-green Volkswagen Beetle. The private tour cost just over $100 in Canadian dollars, but it offered a comfortable and convenient way to make the most of sightseeing time.

As Catherine says in her TikTok, “Honestly, this was such a vibe, and a great way to see the city in a such short period of time.”

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Lunch at God’s Restaurant €28 (approx. $36 CAD)

One of the best parts of exploring a new city is filling up on delicious food. After a lot of walking around Athens, Catherine did just that with a restaurant lunch. 

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A woman stands in front of pillars in Greece
Catherine Goncalves

Gelato €5 (approx. $6.50 CAD)

After lunch, a stroll to the Athens Flea Market was the next stop on the list. Catherine made a stop for a sweet treat of gelato, then walked around the city to explore some other historic sites like the Temple of Zeus.

Finally, for a totally cinematic ending (and free) way to the day in Athens, Catherine watched the sun set over the city.

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Total spend for the day: €319 (approx. $415 CAD)

So what did it all add up to? Not including other travel expenses, the total cost of the day as tourists in Athens came to just over $400 CAD. Totally worth it, in our opinion.

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