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9 Times I Thought My Dog Was Warning Me About My Partner (and What He Really Meant)

Pushing her away with his paw, giving her dirty looks, marking his territory and more behaviours convinced me my dog was warning me about my exes (there have been many lipstick stains). He’s a 14-year-old rescue beagle who has complicated many romantic situations with his attitude and behaviour. I was set out to report on 13 ways your dog is warning you about your partner — but after speaking with canine behavioural expert and Raising Rover’s owner and head trainer, Caroline Applebee, it turned out I was misreading the signs. With more than 20 years of experience working with dogs, Applebee was able to explain what the beagle was actually thinking (and not what my very human emotions projected onto him).

Whether we’re confusing Cesar Millan’s television approach to canines with actual dog training or just generally misunderstanding our pups (this is common, reassures Applebee), communicating with our fur-children is key to a happy home. So, let’s talk about all the times I thought Clark Kent, the super (bad) beagle, was warning me about my partner — and what he was actually trying to say, according to our dog expert.

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