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Why I Think ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ is the Best ‘Below Deck’ Franchise

The crew jumping off a heeling yacht
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When it comes to Below Deck, I’ve been onboard since the beginning. I’ve long been a fan the series and all its spin-offs – but there’s one franchise that truly holds my heart, and that’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Not only is it fun to watch, but the cast is so loveable that viewing an episode almost feels like hanging out with pals. Aside from the first season, Below Deck Sailing Yacht often features the same core crew, so you really get to know the people onboard across the series. Plus, the stakes are higher because (as the title implies) the crew has an added task of setting sail the old fashion way.

So, from the love triangles to the rocky waters, here’s why I personally think that Below Deck Sailing Yacht is the best Below Deck franchise of them all.

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Sailing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht
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There are so many twists and turns… in the literal sense

You may think the waters get rocky on Below Deck or Below Deck Mediterranean, but you haven’t seen anything yet. On Below Deck Sailing Yacht there’s an added layer of stress for the crew – yes, they actually have to sail sans engine.

It’s all smooth sailing for the crew until the actual sails go up. Fans of the show are familiar with the sailing yacht heel, which is when the sailboat gets pushed by the wind and begins to lean over in the water. In fact, when sailing, the best angle off the wind that most sailboats can achieve is 30 degrees, making things particularly difficult for the interior crew and the chef. Often, when Captain Glenn sets sail, pots, pans and fragile serving wear can fall out of cupboards – and sometimes even the passengers and crew take a topple of their own.

So, on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, as meals get ruined, things get broken, people take tumbles and drinks spill over.


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Gary King and Daisy Kelliher at BravoCon
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You’re bound to ship Daisy and Gary

Lying at the heart of Below Deck Sailing Yacht is the fan-favourite will-they-won’t-they couple, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and First Mate Gary King. Their cheeky banter and longing glances are sure to bring a smile to your face as you watch their contempt for each other slowly turn to intimacy over the series.

At BravoCon in 2022, Daisy finally admitted “two years later we have chemistry,” but, she previously told Us Weekly that it would be “a stupid move to [get] wrapped up in Gary.”

“I do think we care genuinely a lot about each other,” Daisy added. “We did last year, we do this year. So, we have a complicated friendship, but no we are not for each other.”

Yet, at the same time she acknowledged that, “Gary’s a magnet. Like, there’s a reason why he gets all these girls. He’s very, very funny. He’s very charming.”

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A collage of Colin, Daisy and Gary from 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht
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There’s a love triangle for the ages this season

As we saw in the trailer for Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4, it looks like Daisy and Gary find themselves in rocky waters in the charters to come. For the first season in his time on the show, Chief Engineer Colin MacRae is single, and his interest in Daisy puts a wedge in Gary’s love life.

“Who do you have your eye on, Colin?,” Gary asks his Colin – who happens to be his best buddy on board – in the tense trailer, “You’re a single man.”

Then, things take a catastrophic turn when, a few short scenes later, Daisy and Colin are pictured kissing at a staircase and in one of the bunks. As the trailer continues on, Gary’s jealousy comes to a peak as he exclaims that Dairy is “spitefully hooking up” with Colin to “get back” at him.


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Captain Glenn Shephard
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Candy-loving Captain Glenn is the sweetest

The only thing sweeter than Captain Glenn Shephard’s candy obsession is the man himself. The show comes sprinkled with adorable scenes of the Montreal native chowing down on some sweets while watching his favourite shows in his bunk, as drama ensues among the crew just outside of the door to his cabin.

Arguably the most loveable Captain across all of the franchises, Captain Glenn truly knows how to keep his cool, even in the face of brooding storms and peculiar guest requests. Part of his charm comes from the way he treats his crew like loved ones.

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“In most cases, everyone [on the crew] loves each other, it’s like a sibling relationship, sometimes you get angry at them but you always love them, they’re always family,” Captain Glenn tells Travel + Leisure.

The coast of Sardinia, Italy
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They head to some of the most scenic locations

On top of all the drama and the loveable cast, it doesn’t hurt that the Parsifal III heads to some of the most scenic locations. From Greece in season one to Croatia in season 2 to Spain in season 3, the beautiful excursions are the cherry on top of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht cake. This season, the crew are hopping on board near Sardinia, Italy – the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea (next to Sicily).

Catch up on Below Deck Sailing Yacht or get ready to set sail with the brand new season on April 10 at 9ET on Slice, the Global TV app or STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream.


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