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Who is Alix Earle and Why is Everyone Talking About Her?

Alix Earle wearing an off the shoulder black dress at a press event
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If you’ve opened TikTok in the last two months, you’ve already seen her. Influencer Alix Earle has become one of the platform’s most recognizable faces. Despite living a busy and glamorous life, she’s beloved by hordes for her relatability. Her GRWM videos give her viewers a sneak peek into her life as she attends lavish brand press trips in Dubai as one of the top-grossing influencers of 2023 or college frat pool parties and classes as a (somewhat) regular senior student. No matter where she’s going, you can expect her to deliver the inside tea on her life as she drawls on while applying her tan drops and throwing on her latest bikini fit.

So, who is Alix Earle?

Her TikTok bio describes her as “a hot mess,” but with a following of over 4.1M on her TikTok (@alixearle) and 1.8M on Instagram (@alix_earle), it seems that this relatable 22-year-old’s life is one mess that her audience can’t get enough of. The blonde beauty is a marketing major at U Miami, and her student life is often the subject of her viral videos.

Originally hailing from New Jersey, according to PEOPLE, she comes from an interesting family that’s already had its moment in the spotlight. Her father, Thomas “TJ” Earle, is a top executive at a construction company (read: the Earles already had a comfortable life prior to Alix’s rise to influencer stardom) and her stepmother is infamous former call girl Ashley Dupre (named one of Time’s Top 10 Mistresses), best known for her former relationship with then New York Governor, Eliot Spritzer (who resigned in disgrace). Dupre and Thomas Earle later got together, having three more children (a total of five, including Alix).

As for her personal life, Earle was most recently linked to MLB pro Tyler Wade, though the couple apparently split after three months in early December. They were later seen lunching together, but Earle quickly put a stop to reconciliation rumours, saying that the pair are on friendly terms.


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Alix Earle’s rise to popularity

Earle’s staple is her get ready with me videos where she shares her product picks and tidbits about her personal life as she gets ready. Fans have likened her to “the nice version of (Gossip Girl’s) Serena van der Woodsen” for her similar voice and “It Girl” status. Her secret sauce to success seems to be the consistency and relatability of these videos, which she posts almost every other day. In these intimate videos (that really feel like getting ready with your friend for a night out) Earle can be seen in her messy dorm getting ready for a regular day. Sometimes, they give a glimpse into the more aspirational side of her life, as she shares with her audience a peek behind the life of social media’s darling, prepping for red-carpet events and rubbing elbows with stars like Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez.

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While she’s been steadily growing in popularity over the past two years, her follower count has skyrocketed in recent months. According to Social Blade, she jumped from approximately 600K followers in early November 2022 to an impressive 2.2M by late December — all without a singular standout video. Instead, it’s her consistency and honesty that has charmed fans. From getting real about her struggles with acne and her journey with Accutane, to opening up about her breast augmentation surgery, you can count on Earle to deliver the truth, with a side of wit.

Our picks from Alix Earle’s makeup routine

Earle puts the influence in influencer. Her videos sharing her top beauty secrets and Amazon storefront highlights have products flying off the virtual shelves. Any time she shares a new product in her lengthy and expensive makeup routine, her fans flock to her new recommendation. With this in mind, we rounded up a few of our top picks based on Earle’s routine:


Alix gets her signature brightened eye look by applying white eyeliner to her waterline (a trick used to achieve a doe-eyed anime look). Our fave affordable option to achieve the look is the multi-use pencil from NYX that’s been in our makeup bags for the last decade.

The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in colour Milk

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Amazon, $7.

Another favourite of Earle is adding faux freckles. In one video, she shares that she was always jealous of her friends with natural freckles who tried to cover them up. She fakes the look using this cult favourite.

Freck Beauty Original Freckle pen

Freck Beauty The Original Freckle, Sephora, $37.

For hair, Earle, known for her blonder-is-better locks uses the K18 hair mask to keep them in shining condition through her bi-weekly highlight touchups.

The K18 Leave-in Conditioning Hair Mask Treatment

K18 Leave-In Repair Hair Mask Treatment, Amazon, $99.

And finally, for her signature Miami glow, Earle has a pretty comprehensive routine that stars tanning drops from Drunk Elephant. So popular has she made the product, that it’s currently sold out on Amazon.

Drunk Elephant Tanning Drops product shot

D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Bronzing Drops with Peptides, Sephora, $48.

You can check out more of Alix Earle’s product picks and Amazon finds (she features plenty of beauty, fashion and wellness items) on her Amazon storefront.

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