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Here’s How to Get the Viral ‘I’m Cold’ TikTok Makeup Look

A woman in a balaclava with blush on cheeks

The temperatures have been dropping, but luckily you don’t need to step outside to get that chilly, naturally flushed look. If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok, you’ve likely stumbled upon the “I’m Cold” or “Cold Girl” makeup look – which is inspired by the natural look your skin gets in the face of cold weather.

Note: As much as we are loving this trend, we do acknowledge that being cold isn’t a choice for many people who may not have access to proper shelter and heat this winter. If you or anyone you know is struggling to find access to shelter and warmth, call 2-1-1 or visit to be connected to community and social services. It is free, confidential, multilingual and available for 24-hours a day.

As Code8 global makeup artist Sasha Ghodstinat tells Allure, the trend is “inspired by the cold winter days where your skin gets a natural flush when met with the cold winds and icy weather.” But, by using makeup to enhance your naturally rosy cheeks and dusting a little bit of blush on your nose, you don’t need to step a foot into the often unbearable Canadian cold. It’s essentially the sun-kissed trend that was ever-so popular through the summer, but this season, it’s all about looking wind-kissed.

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“There are ways you can do your makeup to make people feel things,” TikTok makeup artist @zoekimkenealy says, according to Fashion Magazine. “Forty five degrees, it’s the holidays, we’re drinking cocoa – that kind of cold.”

Hoping to keep your skin out of the harsh weather, but still get that subzero look? Here’s how to hop on the viral cold girl TikTok makeup trend.

Start with a matte base

Pat McGrath Labs’ Sublime Perfection Concealer


For this look, you’ll want to look bright and fresh without drying out your skin. So, you’ll want to start with a matte base that matches your skin tone with something like Pat McGrath Labs’ Sublime Perfection Concealer, which will brighten your eyes without removing any of the moisture.

Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Concealer, Sephora, $45.

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Add blush, blush and more blush

The fresh-off-the-slopes style emulates the flushed cheeks and red nose by using ample amounts of – you guessed it – blush.

It doesn’t really matter what shade of blush you use – this look is all about placement and application. Berry shades or brighter pinks are the perfect pop of colour to achieve the cold-weather look on darker skin tones. Plus, if you want to hone in on some natural-looking rosy cheeks, all you have to do is apply your favourite blush all over your cheeks, starting from the cheekbones and blending upward, very (very) generously.

You can also add some blush to the tip of your nose and just above the lip to really channel that fresh-out-of-the-snow look. Much like the sunburnt trend from a few months back, you can apply the “W” blush hack by drawing a “W” on your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose.

Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Liquid Blush

We recommend using a cream or liquid blush like Selena Gomez’s infamous Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. In noting some key differences between liquid and cream- or powder-based blush, Toronto-based makeup artist Kristen Saxton tells us, “Liquid blush has much more longevity typically than powder or cream blush. It gives a more hydrated, stained look that is more natural versus a powder or even cream.”

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, Sephora, $26


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Gucci Luminous Beauty Blush

But, if you do prefer a powder, try something like this Gucci Luminous Beauty Blush, which has a special hydrating formula, offering up a wintery look without drying out your skin.

Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush, Sephora, $65.

Blend in a neutral eyeshadow and add some frost-bitten lips

Morphe's 9V Vintage Rose Artistry Palette

Once again channeling the natural look, sweep your eyelids with a neutral eyeshadow. For a frosty look, you’ll want to use a shimmery, soft eyeshadow like Morphe’s 9V Vintage Rose Artistry Palette to really make your eyes sparkle.

Morphe’s 9V Vintage Rose Artistry Palette, Sephora, $19.

Kylie Cosmetics' Holiday Lip Kit
Shoppers Drug Mart

Finish off the look with some frost-bitten lips. We recommend using one of these red-tinted hues from Kylie Cosmetics’ Holiday Collection. Whether you lean toward the brown matte “Fawn 4 U” or the subtly coral “Vixen Baby,” cold-weather lips will look the most realistic when you land on a hue that’s close to your natural lip colour. Of course, if you really want that shimmery, icy look you can top it all off with a shiny gloss for the perfect holiday makeup.

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Liquid Lipstick and High Gloss Vault, Shoppers Drug Mart, $191.

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