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What is Web3? You Need to Know About the Internet’s Next Gen

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Saphera Peters

Have you ever heard the term Web3 (or Web 3) buzzing around, but are lost on what that means? Don’t worry, creator Saphera (AKA @sapherapeters) has you covered. As she shared on’s TikTok, Web3 is basically the decentralized net with no single governing body that owns things (or content). 

Watch the TikTok below and read on for a breakdown of the different webs, and what they actually are. 

@slicedotca we were lost until @sapherapeters broke this down for us tbh 🫶 #web3 #nftart #digitalcreator #womenintech ♬ X World – Muspace

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What is Web 1?

As Saphera explains, Web 1 is the very beginning of the internet. Think: pre-social media and streaming video days for millennials. With Web 1, you could only read info online through search engines (circa Ask Jeeves). Remember when you just needed to simply look things up? That’s all it was: fetching and reading information. 

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The difference between Web 1 and 2

Web 2 is the second generation of the internet, AKA the age of net we live in right now. This is where users can read and write their content. Creators post to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and can even get paid for it. Content can become viral or is created to promote certain brands. 

But what happens when a Web 2 platform dies? Just like Saphera mentions, platforms like Vine, (Remember that app of looped short six-second videos?), are social platforms that own the content you create. So, if they shut down, you end up losing your followers and content. 

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What is Web3?

Cue content that you can read, write and own. With Web3, creators can post on the blockchain (through platforms like OpenSea) giving them full ownership – something that’s never been done before. In simpler terms, it’s there until you don’t want it to be. Musicians, designers, artists and other creators can get paid, plus get royalties on their work when it’s resold. 

So, if you’re looking for creative ownership, Web3 is the place to be. 


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