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These are the Skincare Products Our Editors are Obsessed With

Woman with a face mask
Province Apothecary

With the seasons finally shifting to warmer weather, you (and your skin) may be itching to spring clean your skin routine. Wondering what skincare products our staff can’t live without? Here are the top products that we can’t live without. 

The Canadian-made favourites

rocky mountain soap co essential face cream
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Skin type: Combination

Product: Essential Face Cream, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, $39. 

“This moisturizer is perfect for my skin, which is oily in some areas and drier than the Sahara in others. I love that this product is made in Canada and packed with natural ingredients including pomegranate oil and shea butter. It calms my skin when it’s irritated and also never breaks me out – I wear it every single day with my masks, and it’s never given me any maskne! I’ve been using it since 2020, and I don’t see myself switching anytime soon. On top of being natural, it’s also vegan and cruelty-free.” – Natalie H., Assistant editor,

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PYOR Hello Hydrate 4-steyp system

Skin type: Combination with dry patches

Product: “Hello Hydrate” 4-Step System, PYOR, $160.

“Though I have relied on my decent genetics for easy-to-care-for good skin for most of my life, I have had to start introducing skincare to support my face for the long-game. Enter PYOR’s “Hello Hydrate” four-step system – the Canadian, cruelty-free and inclusive skincare brand to meet my winter skin needs. The foam cleanser feels oddly soothing on my skin and rinses off nicely, while the toner is gentle and leaves my face feeling clean without leaving it dry. The moisturizer is fine, but I tend to still gravitate towards my tried and true classic, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. As I get older, my skin gets thirstier and finding the exact right products to satisfy that thirst is weirdly satisfying. If I know I’m going to have to see other humans, I’ll usually do the whole ‘Hello Hydrate’ whipped clay face mask the night before, as it tends to both feel and look dewy and healthy the next day.” – Chloe T., Strategist, 

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The multi-tasking favourites

beauty tech cosmetics probiotic glow bundle
Beauty Tech

Skin type: Normal with dry patches

Product: Probiotic Glow Bundle, Beautytech Cosmetics Glow, $105.  

“This includes a Peptide Mist, Skin Energy probiotic serum and Youth Matrix Jelly probiotic cream. It’s great for teens and those who are ‘older.’ This bundle leaves you feeling fresh and glowing (literally, there are little sparkles in the glow food). You can customise your tint, which is an amazing added feature of these products. They are cruelty-free, 100 per cent vegan, with no sulphates or parabens and are made in an environmentally sustainable way. My sister got us all hooked on this brand.” – Lina B., Manager, Corus Digital Lifestyle. 

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selfless by hyram pore cleaning and oil control serum
Selfless by Hyram

Skin type: Combination with hormonal adult acne

Product: Salicylic Acid & Sea Kelp Pore Clearing & Oil Control Serum, Selfless by Hyram, $31. 

“Life may be about balance, but, as an 30s-era adult with hormonal acne and concerns about treating my skin gently as it ages, I’ve struggled to find skincare products that can check both boxes. The Selfless by Hyram serum features two of the ingredients that tend to work best for keeping my acne (salicylic acid and niacinamide) under control, and it doesn’t leave my skin irritated or dry (as many other acne-focused products do for me). One tip? The serum’s consistency is very fluid and almost water-like, so a little goes a long way.” – Sharon M., Editor, 

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U Beauty the super hydrator
U Beauty

Skin type: Extremely dry, and, as of the last few years, with eczema patches under my eyes in the late winter/early spring


Product: The Super Hydrator, U Beauty, $168.  

“I’m currently loving U Beauty’s The Super Hydrator. The moisturiser delivers on the product’s name with its mega-dose of moisture. The brand employs clean ingredients, and its proprietary SIREN Capsule Technology with long-chain hyaluronic acid (LCHA). It’s not sticky, and leaves the skin feeling smooth, supple and fresh.” – Dragana K., Producer/Editor, 

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The eye care favourites

vine vera resveratrol dark circle eye cream
Vine Vera

Skin type: Normal with dry patches

Product: Eye Collection Dark Circle Eye Cream, Vine Vera Restorative Skin Care, $183. 

“Both my teenage daughter and I use this caffeine-infused under-eye cream to help reduce the dark under-eye colour.” – Lina B., Manager, Corus Digital Lifestyle. 

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LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel

Skin type: Normal with dry patches

Product: Water Bank Eye Gel, LANEIGE, $51. 

“Because I vividly remember the sound of dial-up internet, I decided last year that it’s time for an eye cream. I spoke to a Sephora rep who was passionate about skincare and listened to her speak for an hour about what products would be best for my age and skin type. She told me that an eye cream should be my number one priority and this is the one we landed on. I’ve been using this religiously for months now morning and night. It’s like a tall drink of water for my under eyes, with a long-lasting feeling of moisture that I’ve gotten addicted to. With micro hylauronic acid and green mineral water, the main ingredients in this cream has everything it takes for all-day moisture. This eye gel has earned a spot on my bathroom counter for years to come.” – Tracey M., producer,  

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The quick, at-home spa treatment

100% pure caffeine mask
100% Pure

Skin type: Combination but dry during the cold seasons

Product: Caffeine Mask, 100% Pure, $11.

“I recently tried the 100% Pure Caffeine Mask and fell in love! It left my skin glowing and feeling so refreshed. This anti-inflammatory mask is made up of 95 per cent aloe and 5 per cent plant cellulose for intense hydration and helps restore sun-damaged skin. The longer you leave the mask on, the thinner it gets as more water is absorbed. The best part is that it’s all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about those mystery chemicals that would normally leave you with that sticky, tight feeling after a face mask. You do have to look like Michael Myers for a hot second but it’s so worth it!” – Nataly C., Producer, 

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province apothecary silicone sheet mask
Province Apothecary

Skin type: Combination with dry patches in the winter

Product: Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set for Face + Eyes, Province Apothecary, $36.  

“Sheet mask lovers, this one’s for you! I often rely on sheet masks in the winter to soothe my dry patches brought on by frigid Toronto weather, but I always feel a little guilty at all the waste they create. This new reusable silicone sheet mask from Canadian brand Province Apothecary is the perfect no-waste solution – you’ll literally never need to buy a sheet mask again! As someone with sensitive skin, I especially love that you can use your favourite serums with it, since so often it can be tricky to figure out which disposable sheet mask might irritate your skin.” – Lara B., Editor, 

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The hydrating helpers

sunday riley ceo glow

Skin type: Dry with mild rosacea

Product: C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil, Sunday Riley, $105. 

“My one skincare product that I cannot live without is the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Oil with turmeric and vitamin C. Incorporating a face oil during Winter is one of my go-to skincare hacks for combating dry skin. As someone who needs the sound of a fan to sleep at night and who uses a space heater while WFH, there is very little moisture in my life, and the evening primrose included in this oil does an amazing job at offering extra hydration and brightness to my skin. As someone with mild rosacea, I find this product incredibly helpful with reducing redness which is a huge plus. I like to layer on this oil in the evening as one of the last steps to my skincare routine before slugging. My Tip: I love using my gua sha right after applying this oil to help promote circulation and ease tension in my jawline.” – Madison R., digital social strategist, 

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REN clean skincare ready steady glow aha lotion tonique

Skin type: Dry, prone to redness and breakouts

Product: Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, REN Clean Skincare, $51.

“I really never thought I’d be someone who’s key skincare product is a toner (tonic, if you’re fancy – and REN Clean Skincare is, with a heavy dose of ethics and skincare science). A facial cleanser, sure! A moisturiser – absolutely? Even a brightening eye cream would seem like a more obvious pick. But alas, this product has won over my heart and my skin with its brightening and exfoliating properties. It took a few weeks for my skin to adjust to the ingredients, and at first I thought it might be a miss, but since then, my skin loves nothing more. I’ve used two bottles of this miracle tonic (plus, a travel-sized!) and I know this will be one cosmetic shelf-essential that I’ll continue to purchase for my brightest-looking skin.” – Lydia H., strategist, and 



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