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I Tried a Korean Kyung-rak Facial and This is How it Changed My Face


Now that salons are opening up and more people are getting their second doses, it’s time to book those much-needed beauty and self-care appointments. While you may be jumping on the chance to get your nails or eyebrows done, you may want to think about giving yourself some love in the form of rejuvenating facial when the spas open up. With the stress of the last year, your skin may be asking for it. Nina Huynh is always down to try the latest in skincare and beauty treatments, so she’s trying a Korean Kyung-rak facial to give you some inspiration and answer your questions about the process. Watch the video above to see how it’s done, and read on to find out more about the treatment.

What is a Korean Kyung-rak facial?

Also known as a Korean Meridian Massage, this popular treatment is a deep tissue massage that stimulates energy points in your body using special massage techniques. Today, the massage is commonly done just for the face and surrounding areas to flush out toxins and fluid retention. It can also help to sculpt your jawline and achieve that coveted V-shape in your facial structure.

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What are the benefits?

On top of detoxification and relieving facial tension, the treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens areas where hyperpigmentation may be an issue. The massage targets the body’s meridians — energetic channels in the body that can be blocked by stress, bad diet, trauma and other factors. It’s believed by practitioners that having clear energy flow in the body strongly affects how we feel, move and think.

How much does it cost?

The specific massage that Nina had cost $130 and lasted 80 minutes, involving a deep cleansing, cooling treatment, lifting mask and massage for the face, scalp, arms, shoulders and chest.

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