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The Unsung Heroes of ‘Euphoria’: These Supporting Characters Steal the Show

Gia from Euphoria

If you’re alive in 2022, whether you’re a fan of Euphoria or not, chances are that you already know its main characters. If you’ve been on the internet, there’s no way you haven’t run into one of the many iconic fashion or makeup looks, seen a meme or heard a TikTok audio that wasn’t from Euphoria at this point — and that’s largely thanks to the strength of the show’s characters. 

Though Zendaya’s character, Rue, is the narrator, Euphoria weaves together the stories of several captivating central characters. Because the show’s main personalities are so striking, we often don’t talk enough about the impact of some of the supporting characters. These characters fuel the plot and are the driving force behind some of the show’s most significant storylines. Some have very few lines, if any, and yet they leave a lasting impact. With this in mind, here are our top unsung heroes of Euphoria who deserve their flowers this season.

Spoiler alert: This story contains spoilers for “Euphoria” season two.

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Ashtray in Euphoria

Ashtray: World’s best partner in crime

You already know how we feel about Angus Cloud’s character, Fezco — and there is no Fez without Ash, played by Javon ‘”Wanna” Walton. These partners-in-crime (quite literally) are bonded in a brotherhood that isn’t blood-related, but is something more potent. Fez and Ash are each other’s chosen family, and they’re family in every way that matters. 

If someone looks at Fezco the wrong way, you can be rest assured Ash is lurking somewhere around the corner — often with a weapon in hand — ready to defend his brother. We don’t condone violence, especially from a child, but in the world of Euphoria, it seems to be the only stable relationship, to be honest. 

There’s something inspiring about the level of loyalty Ash and Fez have for one another. Fez treats him as an equal, despite his age, and Ash takes it upon himself to protect Fez. Although he’s had no more than a few threatening lines this season, his loyalty and ability to frighten grown men has earned Ash an entire fandom online, and according to actor Javon Walton, a few marriage proposals as well. 


Faye on Euphoria

Faye: The unconventional girl next door

Faye came into our lives as suddenly as Cassie’s love for Nate (AKA in no time at all). Played by adult film star Chloe Cherry, Faye is another adjoining piece in Fezco’s storyline this season that helps us see another side of Fez. 

We know Fez is a softie and can’t help but take care of misfits in need. Faye, the girlfriend of his fellow drug dealer, needed a place to lay low so Fez offered to let her crash. Although Ash isn’t happy about it, they’ve developed a dysfunctional family dynamic. 

Faye helps out around the house (you can catch her taking out the trash several times an episode), but she also has the uncanny ability to be present at the wrong time, which we’re all guilty of sometimes. We all collectively wanted to scream at her when Lexi found the courage to visit Fez, but got intimidated when she saw them hanging out together. However, Fez and Faye seem to be developing a cute sibling-like relationship (note: if it’s anything more, I quit), so let’s hope she stands up for Fez and Ash when the time comes.

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Gia on Euphoria


Gia: The forever-loyal sister

If there’s one character who’s been through the ringer, it’s Gia. While she only makes a few appearances here and there, we can always count on Gia to be crying in a corner somewhere — and rightfully so. 

She’s the unwilling victim of her sister Rue, who’s suffering through drug addiction. Gia, played by Storm Reid, is always there when Rue and her mom go through their screaming matches, breaking and throwing things, getting violent and downright scary. 

You can only imagine the trauma of a young teen whose family is in constant conflict. We may joke about how she’s always balled up on her bed or lurking around a corner silently crying, but that vision of a kid who loves their sister and wants nothing more than to save her but can’t, leaves our hearts aching. In some ways, Gia manages to be just as impactful as Rue, with little to no lines (the few she has are usually a screaming match with Rue), because to understand the story of Rue, you have to understand the impact she has on those who love her. Gia is her number one supporter.

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Suze Euphoria

Suze: Not a regular mom, but a cool mom

Last but certainly not least is the legend, the incomparable icon, Suze Howard (played by Alanna Ubach). Cassie and Lexi’s mom is one of the more active parents in the Euphoria world. She may not be perfect — a character seemingly pulled right out of the Real Housewives universe — but she tries her best. 

You will never catch Suze without her signature glass of red wine in hand, and she is rarely spotted anywhere but the Howard household, which happens to be where many of the main characters hang out. She busted it down at Maddy’s birthday party and was the perfect Kris Jenner at Lexi’s play. She’s a supportive mom who gives her kids the freedom to do what they want, but is also not afraid to call them on their BS. While she may have messed up with Cassie, she gave us the legend that is Lexi Howard, so she’s all but made up for it. 


Euphoria Ethan

Honorable mention: Ethan

Shoutout to Ethan (portrayed by Austin Abrams) for putting his heart and soul (amongst other things) on that stage.

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The Euphoria universe has the uncanny ability to cover important issues in a raw and realistic way, while the aesthetic of the show is completely transcendent and dream-like. We know the characters don’t have the word “homework” in their vocabulary, but they will put their heart and soul into self-expression and discovery. 

The beauty and draw of this show are the many overlapping storylines that, depending on which character’s perspective we’re seeing it from, feels completely different. Ash and Faye basically only exist in Fezco’s world, but they’re the driving factors behind it. If you’re like me, you’re heartbroken and devastated about the upcoming finale as well as the announcement that season 3 won’t be coming out until 2024. But until then, I’ll be rewatching Lexi’s play on repeat. 

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