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Interview: ‘Euphoria’ Star Angus Cloud’s Stylist on Dressing Him and Having Fun With Fashion

Angus Cloud in a plaid suit
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When it comes to fashion, there’s no doubt that Angus Cloud is one of the best-dressed actors on Euphoria. The 23-year-old has charmed viewers as Fez, the drug dealer with a soft spot for his friends and grandma — who also happens to rock some fire outfits. From his character’s affinity for polo shirts (including a cool vintage Ralph Lauren one) to his penchant for colourful knitwear, Fez has solidified himself as a pretty fashionable dude. Luckily, Cloud is equally, if not more, stylish than his beloved character.

We caught up with Cloud’s stylist, Tiffany Briseno – who has worked with celebs including Shawn Mendes – to discuss her approach to styling him, some of her favourite looks she’s put together for Cloud and the importance of having fun with fashion. 

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Briseno’s approach to styling

Briseno is passionate about building Cloud’s aesthetic and building a brand for him – two things that she’s accomplishing through experimentation. Luckily, according to her, Cloud already has “so much swag,” is super into fashion and has “an idea of who he wants to be [and] what he wants to look like.”

Fashion is about playing dress-up and really exploring the possibilities of what character you can be today

“I’m just there to kind of elevate those ideas and present new things that he might have not thought of,” she says. “And through that experimentation, I think we’re going to land in a place that continues to evolve and continues to grow, because fashion should be fun. Fashion is about playing dress-up and really exploring the possibilities of what character you can be today, walking down the street or going to the airport or attending an event.”

She also takes some cues from Fez’s style, especially his fondness for streetwear. “The beautiful part is that he really is kind of in line with the character that he plays in Euphoria,” she says. “It feels so genuine to him.” 

Angus Cloud as Fez on Euphoria


She also leans into clothing pieces that he personally enjoys. “There [are] so many really cool vintage pieces that he’s collected,” she says of seeing inside his closet. “And myself being such a vintage person, I always gravitate towards vintage pieces. I always love mixing high and low, for almost every look.”

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How Angus Cloud’s iconic Versace outfit came to be

The entire Euphoria cast shut down the red carpet at the premiere for the second season, but Cloud stood out in a vibrant orange Versace suit.

Angus Cloud in an orange suit
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Pairing Cloud with the Italian luxury brand was an organic connection, says Briseno. “I’ve always thought that Versace is one of those brands that really suits Angus; they definitely have a streetwear element to them,” she says. “But then they’re also very elevated and very luxe and [a] very aspirational brand, which I think that Angus, you know, as a talent, that’s who he is. So, I just made sure to have some Versace pieces on the rack when we were doing our fitting along with other brands.”

The suit ended up working perfectly: “That one really just stood out for us, it was the kind of the first thing we tried on. And instantly, you know, everyone in the room was like, this is it.” 

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What fans can expect from Angus Cloud’s outfits

Briseno says she’s excited about pushing boundaries by “going into things that are a bit more avant-garde, a bit more high fashion, a bit more editorial.” She reveals there are few projects they’ve shot which will show all of those elements coming together. “It’s really showcasing his range, because I truly believe that he could tap into any underground fashion world [and] be successful in that,” she says.

“That’s really what fashion is, it shouldn’t be taken so seriously,” she adds. “You’re just playing dress-up at the end of the day. And you have the opportunity to really showcase a character and create a narrative through clothes.”


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