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The Trendiest Baby Names of 2018 Might Surprise You

You’re having a baby — woohoo! But then reality sets in, from the gear you’re going to need, the space you’ll have to make, basically the general impact on everyday life. All good things. But aside from choosing strollers and nursery themes, another major decision has to be made: what to name the baby. You’ve tossed around some ideas but you’re still not sure. Maybe there’s a name you like but your partner doesn’t, or vice versa. Or what if you’re set on one that you hear often; do you want to be like everyone else?

BabyCenter has released their list of the Top Baby Names of 2018 and some unusual ones made the cut. So if you’re looking for some that you won’t be hearing on the playground too often, these trending names might fit the bill.

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