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These 20 Baby Names are Going to be Huge in 2022

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A new year means new trends when it comes to almost anything, including baby names. There are so many monikers to choose from, but most parents want their little one to have a name that not only suits who they are, but is also somewhat unique. As parents-to-be try to narrow down their list of options, we’re here to help you out by breaking down some cute, original names for your baby. We recently spoke to Pamela Redmond, the co-founder of Nameberry, to find out what the top baby name trends are for 2022.

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Playful baby names like Pixie, Birdie and Bear

Although the pandemic has been a time of seriousness, according to Redmond, people have been trying to focus on the positive with uplifting and happy baby names, with underlying meanings such as ‘peace’ or ‘strong.’

“We’re looking at these names that are just fun and light and positive, but in a more playful way,” she explains. “We decided to call [these] ‘playful names’ because it draws in a lot of different kinds of names. So a good example is Pixie, which is a name that we’re just hearing a lot [as a] nickname and a full name. Birdie is another one, Bear is another one.”

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Escapist nature baby names like Zinnia, Azalea, Ocean, Dune and Zephyr

A sweet name that’s rooted in nature is something that parents can never go wrong with. While flower names have always been quite popular, people are going beyond Rose and Lily with more unique nature names such as Zinnia and Azalea. Names relating to the sky, the sea and water are also on the rise. “Ocean is a name for both boys and girls we’re seeing a lot. Prairie as a name mostly for girls we’re seeing a lot,” Redmond says. “Dune is another name. Zephyr is another one. So a lot of these names are gender-neutral, which are nonbinary names, which is definitely a major trend.”

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Nonbinary baby names such as Honor, Jupiter, Lux and Wren

Since no parent knows what gender identity their child will identify as when they grow older, having a nonbinary name is a great way to ensure they don’t feel trapped by a traditionally masculine or feminine name. “The data actually bears out that more boys today are receiving gender-neutral names,” Redmond says. As more and more parents embrace gender neutrality for their kids, Redmond notes a rise in names for boys that have been historically associated with girls. “Some examples of that are Honor, Juniper, Lux, Wren and those are names that [are] gender neutral names that had been getting really popular for girls,” she says.

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Spiritual baby names such as Jericho, Revere, Bodie, Rishi and Alma

Spiritual names traditionally associated with religion are growing in popularity once again. Redmond says names such as Jericho and Revere, which are also gender-neutral, are becoming trendy again. Bodie and Rishi, although not new names, are also becoming more common she says.

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Musical baby names like Calypso, Madrigal and Sonnet

If you’re a music fan, why not pass that love on to your child with a unique musical name? Naming your baby after your favourite rock band might not be a great idea, but classical music names that are becoming more popular include Calypso, Madrigal (which will no doubt continue to rise in popularity once Disney’s Encanto is released), and Sonnet.

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