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Pinterest Predicts These Travel, Beauty and Fashion Trends for 2022

Two women with bright dyed hair

As 2021 comes to a close, we’re already looking to next year to see what trends are about to pop off. Between the travel destinations that are about to become the ‘it’ spots to the hair trends that will have you wanting to run to your salon, there’s a ton of exciting new trends that are sure to take over in 2022.

Luckily for us, Pinterest released its annual predictions report for which trends to keep an eye on, and we’re already obsessed with pretty much all of these. Take a look at the 10 trends spanning fashion, beauty and travel that will likely be everywhere next year, and then you can say you were ahead of the curve.

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Top travel trends to watch for in 2022:

If you’re thinking about taking a trip next year, Pinterest is packed with plenty of inspo. These three red hot trends will get you into planning (and packing) mode.

Couple watching fireworks at night

Travel trend: after-hours exploration (AKA night moves)

According to Pinterest, there has been a 95 per cent increase around the term “bioluminescence aesthetic” which means it’s time to grab your camera and start seeing your fave destinations at nighttime. Evening adventures will give a different and magical perspective, whether it’s exploring the beach after sunset or taking a late night road trip.

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Greek buildings on the water

Travel trend: an obsession with all things Greek

Has Greece ever been out of style? According to Pinterest, a Hellenistic revival is on the way. From Roman-inspired decor to Greek jewelry, Greece is the word. While you can lean into these trends from the comfort of your own home, a fun trip, such as a destination wedding in Greece, could be a special way to embrace this trend head-on in 2022.

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Woman swimming in a pool

Travel trend: all-inclusive destinations

A vacation where you don’t have to worry is pretty much a no-brainer, and all-inclusive resorts have always been in high-demand for that reason. But it appears rest and relaxation are top of mind in the coming year (and no wonder!). Pinterest reports that searches around the best all-inclusive resorts has doubled since last year, so it’s time to start packing your bags and looking for the best deals!

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Top beauty trends to watch for in 2022:

People are going to be embracing all things bold in the new year. From hair to nails, it’s go big or go home!

Two women with pink hair

Beauty trend: eye-catching, rebellious haircuts

If the pandemic did anything, it snapped many of us out of our hairstyle ruts. Pinterest reports that this will continue into next year, with searches around mullets, short hair mohawks and shaved head dye designs exploding. Prepare to experiment with a whole new ‘do in 2022. You’ll definitely be in good company.

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Yellow floral nails
Getty Images

Beauty trend: landscape-inspired nail art

Nails inspired by nature are going to be everywhere in the new year. According to Pinterest, galaxy nail art, aurora nails, desert nails and geode nail art are only a few of the manicure-inspired searches that are trending up. Time to let your nail tech know that your next mani will be all about the earth’s natural beauty in the new year.

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Woman with a curly puff
Getty Images

Beauty trend: hair puffs and space buns

People will continue to rock their natural hair textures in the new year, and curly girls will be glad to know that hairstyles around puffs are on the rise. Pinterest reports that searches around “high puffs” is up by a whopping 165 per cent and searches around “natural hair bun styles” is up by 160 per cent.


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Woman with rhinestones around her eyes

Beauty trend: jeweled body accessories

Go a step beyond keeping jewels strictly in your bling by adding gems to your pedicures, eye makeup and teeth. Pinterest is seeing more and more creators deck their entire body out in jewels with searches around “rhinestone pedicures” up by 150 per cent, “crystal eye makeup” searches up 110 per cent, and “unique dermal piercings” up 145 per cent.

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Top fashion trends to watch for in 2022:

Give your post-pandemic wardrobe an update with funky prints and bright colours.

Model in checkered overalls

Fashion trend: checkered everything

Take your love of checkers to the next level by dressing in checked patterns, from head to toe. “Checkerboard patterns” and “checkerboard nails” are both up in search, according to Pinterest.

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Woman blowing bubbles
Getty Images

Fashion trend: colourful dopamine dressing

Inject your wardrobe with bold and bright colours in the new year and you’ll be right on trend. Searches around “rainbow dresses” have doubled since last year while searches around “vibrant dresses” are 16 times more popular, Pinterest reports. The colours electric blue and fuchsia are also poised to take over.

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Woman in a black outfit

Fashion trend: going goth

Goth isn’t just for angsty teens anymore — all ages will be embracing this trend as it makes its way to the masses. Searches around goth cowboy, goth business casual and even goth baby clothes are all up by more than 70 per cent.

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More hot 2022 trends predicted by Pinterest

Other trends that Pinterest predicts will be big next year include “fun car upgrades” (think: decor and bling for your interiors), “alternative bashes” (as in, parties to celebrate getting a pet or quitting your job), “luxe sleep-inspired loungewear” (because we all deserve the best) and more. You can check out the full list of predictions here.

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