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All the Best Pedro Pascal Looks We’re Obsessing Over

Pedro Pascal on the red carpet for The Mandalorian premiere
Getty Images

It’s official: 2023 is the year of Pedro Pascal.

There’s no denying the Chilean-American actor is the internet’s latest obsession. Attractive, talented and disarmingly charming (like in this Vanity Fair interview) — and not to mention wonderfully unproblematic — the 48-year-old is the whole package. And, after spending decades in Hollywood slowly building his industry cred, he’s finally had his big break thanks to back-to-back megahits, the Disney+ Star Wars universe series The Mandalorian and the HBO smash, The Last of Us.

The biggest surprise, however, is the current fashion journey he’s on (with help from stylist Julie Ragolia). We’re certain no one had “Pedro Pascal: fashion icon” on their 2023 bingo card. And yet, here we are. A quick search of his previous sartorial choices feature a lot of traditional black suits and the occasional printed shirt. But, in recent months, Pascal has gone in hard with his outfits, bringing bold colours, wild textures and chic accessories to the red carpet — and we love him for it.

As The Cut observed, “Pascal is a master of red-carpet charm. His outfits alone feel like they’re flirting with you.”

So, if you’re feeling a little flirtatious, we’ve rounded up some of Pascal’s hottest looks to date.

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All the Pedro Pascal looks we’re obsessing over

Pedro Pascal in a mesh vest at a Hollywood event
Getty Images

The vest-tank hybrid of our dreams

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here — but we’re also 100 per cent into it. The confidence, the chaos! In March, Pascal went for a linen-blend seersucker vest-tank hybrid that featured stringy unfinished hems and oversized patch pockets. The item, if you’re interested, is from avant-garde design house Maison Margiela and costs about a month’s worth of rent — but hey: fashion.

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Pedro Pascal at the premiere of The Mandalorian
Getty Images

A cropped cardigan on the red carpet

This is the way: At The Mandalorian season three premiere in February, Pascal graced us with a pair of billowing red Acne Studios trousers and an unbuttoned cropped knit Acne cardigan that further fueled the internet fire.

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Pedro Pascal on the red carpet in a yellow cardigan and matching scarf
Getty Images

Going for Golden Girls glam

We’re convinced he’s just toying with us now. In head-to-toe Gucci (we love the butter-coloured puff-sleeve blouse and knotted sweater) Pascal was the definition of grandpa chic. As many fans have observed, it’s giving Golden Girls glam — and we’re so here for this kind of playful energy.

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Pedro Pascal holds a coffee while wearing a sparkly grey cardigan
Getty Images

A glittering silver fox

No one does a casual coffee run better than Pascal. Earlier this year, the star was spotted wearing a sheer top underneath a glittering silver foil cardigan from Angelo Urrutia’s brand 4S Designs.

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Pedro Pascal in a suit on the Oscars 2023 red carpet
Getty Images

Sleek and sexy in a black suit

Fans waited with bated breath to see what Pascal would wear to the 2023 Oscars ceremony in March, but he surprised everyone when he moved away from the bold colours and kept it subdued — yet sexy — in a sleek black double-breasted Zegna suit. The actor paired it with a white high-collared shirt and oversized trousers that, arguably, may have been in need of a little hemming.

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Pedro Pascal at a Hollywood event wearing a white suit jacket
Getty Images


Entering his 007 era

Making a grand entrance at the 79th Venice International Film Festival in August 2022, Pascal was all James Bond class in a white single-breasted jacket and black pants. We’re both shaken and stirred.

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Pedro Pascal at a Hollywood event in a long black suit with sparkles
Getty Images

It’s all in the details

It comes off as understated until you take in all the sparkly details on this sequined Saint Laurent overcoat. Pascal turned heads the premiere of The Last of Us, kicking off 2023 on a high note.

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Pedro Pascal at a Hollywood event in a patterned white short-sleeved blouse
Getty Images

Keeping it casual on the red carpet

A couple years before he became a household name (and internet phenom), Pascal demonstrated his knack for casual-cool with a pair of brown slacks and a patterned collared short-sleeve shirt.

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Pedro Pascal wearing a long black silk jacket at a Hollywood event
Getty Images

Sleepy bedroom vibes

In what can only be described as a jacket-bathrobe combo lifted from the closet of the late Hugh Hefner, this sleek knee-length jacket is giving bedroom vibes.

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