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A Canadian Dog has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19

Closeup of a Labrador Retriever

As if the COVID-19 couldn’t be any more of a jerk, it’s now been confirmed to infect your favourite canine companion. The virus has been found in a Niagara-area pooch. 

A University of Guelph study found the dog tested positive for the virus (the dog’s humans also had the virus). 

Thankfully, researchers say most pet owners need not be worried; the virus doesn’t seem to affect canines too badly as most typically stay asymptomatic, and recover quickly. 

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Still, pet owners should take some precautions to help limit the spread of the virus. Scott Weese, chief of infection control at the University of Guelph, advised that any pet-owning household where COVID-19 is present should include their pets in their quarantine measures, as it may be possible for the pet to spread the virus.

Other animals, such as non-human primates and minks are more susceptible to the virus than your favourite doggo, but cats too are susceptible. The same study that confirmed the pup’s infection also found virus antibodies in a cat, suggesting it too had at one point been sick.

Weese also stated that it’s likely not uncommon for humans to spread the virus to their pets and for the pets to not have major consequences from it. 

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