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5 Reasons Why Natural Beauty Products are Totally Worth the Hype


For a long time, I never thought I could live without my go-to drugstore cleanser. I was wrong. After being introduced to natural skincare, I was hooked and didn’t look back. Here’s all you need to know about my experience with natch’ beauty and which products are worth your hard-earned dollar.

Natural skincare and clean beauty is the gift that keeps on giving

When you choose to buy natural skincare, often it’s more than just a fancy, new addition to your beauty routine. Aside from all the benefits it can bring to your skin, it also does some good for the environment. Organic and clean products prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly production – right down to the bottle they sit in on the shelf.

One of my favourite clean skincare brands is Farmacy Beauty. Not only are their products amazing, but they are also dedicated to saving the bees. Now that’s what I call buzz-worthy.

Natural skin care products don’t have to be expensive

I always thought that anything with the stamp of “clean” or “natural” had to be more expensive than their “dirty” counterparts. With so many products to choose from, this simply isn’t true. Clean beauty can start right from the organic coconut oil you can find at your local grocer (for under $10). Not only is it affordable, but you can also use for multiple purposes like removing makeup, oil pulling or as a deep body moisturizer.

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There is a huge variety of natural skincare products out there

Gone are the days where there are scarce options for natural skincare. Whether you are prone to dark under eye circles, have some pesky blackheads or itchy eczema, there are options in clean beauty for you. I love using tree oil on pimples for an effective, natural fix. If you feel like pampering yourself and are in need of a bit of moisture, the Drunk Elephant La La Retro Whipped Cream is everything — no nasty additives, irritating fragrance or dyes.

Curious to know more about what’s in your moisturizer or serums? Beautypedia is my go-to source for finding out the real secrets of what’s inside all of my skin products. It’s a great site to find out if what you’re using is the real deal or not.


Be patient with your transition to clean beauty

Don’t be disappointed if you feel like your new shift to clean and green isn’t working right away. Along with the right products, great skin takes time and patience. If you feel yourself breaking out a bit, remember your skin needs time to adjust and detox. Just like any lifestyle change, your body needs time to adjust. And it’ll thank you later.

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Always finish your skincare routine with SPF

I cannot express how important sunscreen is. SPF fights signs of aging, sun damage and can help prevent skin cancer. Need I say more? Regardless of how cloudy the day may be, you have to top off your routine with an effective sunscreen. And lucky for us, there are tons of clean beauty options as well. Never skip this step, ever! I’m convinced that this is the secret to eternal youth, thanks to SPF advocates – Cindy Crawford, Miranda Kerr and Kourtney Kardashian.

My fave right now is one from Paula’s Choice. It has SPF 50 and blends extremely well under makeup.

The verdict? Natural skincare is totally worth the hype. For me, it helps even out my complexion, manages my hormonal acne and keeps me moisturized, all without any chemical irritants. It definitely was a positive experience for my routine. Are you willing to take a dive into the clean beauty game?

Rachel Wong for SliceRachel Spencer Wong is a Canadian Style YouTuber with a love of all things creative! Through the years her channel, RachSpeed has grown into a destination where young women can learn how to cultivate a wardrobe they love while also on a budget.Find her on Instagram @rachspeed

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